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Kingswood Oxford School
170 Kingswood Road
West Hartford, CT 06119

Executive Leadership Team

Dennis Bisgaard
Head of School
(860) 233-9631, x2251

Natalie Demers
Assistant Head of School for Academic Life
(860) 233-9631, x2271

Carolyn McKee
Assistant Head of School for Student Life
(860) 233-9631, x2323

Colleen Woerlen
Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations
(860) 233-9631, x5024


Jeanne Auerbach
School Nurse
(860) 233-9631, x2283

Alan Comrie
Controller & Strategic Advisor to the Head of School
Director of Financial Aid
(860) 233-9631, x5022

Joan Edwards
Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competency
(860) 233-9631 

Randy Stabile
Director of Institutional Advancement
(860) 233-9631, x5015

Larry Marciano
Director of Buildings & Grounds
(860) 233-9631, x5027

Michelle M. Murphy
Director of Communications & Marketing
(860) 233-9631, x2815

Jane Repp
Director of the Middle School
(860) 233-9631, x3303

Zaira Santiago
Director of College Advising
(860) 233-9631, x2333

Sheri Slobin Shea
Director of Facilities Rentals and Summer Programs
(860) 727-5032

Brian Woerlen
Director of Food Services
(860) 233-9631, x2285
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