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Student Poem Selected for Anthology
Posted 01/09/2017 05:36PM

Esha Kataria's '20 reflective poem, Why is up, down? has been selected in the 19th Annual National High School Poetry Contest as a topical winner. Her poem will be published in an upcoming topical anthology entitled Inside of Me, slated for a March release. The organization describes these poems as a "meaningful study of introspective poems written by teenagers for teenagers, which explores what goes on inside the heads of today's teens in those quiet moments when the outside distractions are finally turned down and one is alone with ones own thoughts." Less than two percent of the entries that the organization receives are published.

Why is up, down?

Up is down when right is left

And never is always and always is sometimes

And the truth is a lie and lies are good

Taking ourselves down the wrong path

not knowing but aware of the danger

As if we were a small toddler touching the hot stove

Oblivious to the fact, that it would burn

Up is down when we are sad and blue

And confused and angered

And hopeless and depressed, like a dying aunt

Not knowing what else to do but mourn and hate

this world, like monsters

Up is down when we can’t see straight

Blinded by the world’s negatives, downs, hates

That consume us, like a giant whale

Or we let consume us, forever

Until we realize:

I have a will

A choice to pick and choose, what affects me

And that makes all the difference

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