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WYVERN OF THE WEEK: Sydney Smith '21
Posted 03/15/2017 04:24PM

The latest Wyvern of the week is already a New England Champion while really just beginning her career as a Wyvern.

Kingswood Oxford Form 2 Sydney Smith '21 is the Wyvern of the Week having recently completed a girls varsity squash season that ended with her winning the title at #6 at the New England Class B Championships.

"It was a great weekend and a great experience playing and being with the team," Smith said.

At the Class B Championships Smith made quick work of her Suffield opponent in her first match, then won in four games over Millbrook in round two. In the semifinal match, Sydney played incredible squash with a great mix of deep shots and drops for a three game win. Smith then entered the finals against Loomis determined to bring home the championship.

After winning game 1, Smith then dug deep to pull out the 2nd 12-10. In the third and final game, Sydney won 11-7 to finish as the New England Champion at #6.

"Sydney had an amazing weekend. She was the only middle school student in the tournament, and she beat numerous upperclassmen on her way to becoming a New England champion," Carr said. "It is really exciting to think about how much she has improved, and how much further she can take her game over the next four years of her high school career.”

Smith started playing in fifth grade, starting out by tagging along with her dad when he could go to the courts and hitting along with him. Those trips ignited something in Smith and the more she played the more she enjoyed the game.
Smith tried out for the Middle School team as a sixth grader and made the A squad. In seventh grade she played varsity.
"In seventh Mr. Carr asked me to play varsity and I made the team," Smith said. "I went to New Englands as a seventh grader and it didn't go so well but it gave me experience and it was something I could draw on this season."
The seventh grade season was a learning one for Smith as she adjusted to varsity competition and started to develop a mindset and strategy for playing in matches. One thing she has continued to focus on is ending points quickly when the opportunity arises and it served her well this season.
Smith was 17-2 on the year and earned an individual title while still in Middle School.
"It helped to have a mentality for playing games and have that mindset of being aggressive and not extending points if you don't have to," Smith said. "I came into New Englands a lot more confident this season and I just tried to take it one match at a time and one point at a time in each match.”

Smith will be playing tennis in the spring and will continue to work on her squash game and she also plans on starting some squash tournaments in the spring.

"It was a great season," Smith said. "I had great teammates and I enjoyed spending time with them and playing this season."

TIME OUT with Sydney:

Favorite subject - I like Math a lot, I like having one answer. I also like English.

Favorite Food - I really don’t have a favorite food. I like everything, I like to experiment.

Pre-Match Ritual - I listen to music. Mr. Carr tells me to visualize what shots I am going to hit but that scares me so I don’t do that. I stretch, get a mindset of there is nothing but take it one point at a time.

Toughest opponent - I played a girl from Choate who was very strong (one of two losses).

Favorite Squash shot - I like it when your opponent is in the back corner and they just barely get a shot and you slam it cross court right to their backhand.

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