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Form 3 Student Earns Top Award at Russia Model U.N.
Posted 04/18/2017 01:05PM

Over spring break from March 27-29, Esha Shrivastav '20 of Ellington, along with a contingent of fellow Wyverns attended the St. Petersburg International Model United Nations. As a relative newcomer to Model U.N. Conferences, Shrivastav earned the impressive title of Best Delegate in her committee representing Estonia. Each committee was comprised of approximately 100 students, many of whom were veterans to the nuances of Model U.N. procedures and practices.Participating schools included those from Belarus, Germany, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and others. 

Prior to attending the conference, Shrivastav did her homework. Literally. She clocked in over a weeks work of research on her topic: the protection of national cultures in the epoch of globalization. Although Shrivastav admittedly knew little on the topic before she went, she now speaks like a seasoned professional in preserving national cultures. Some of the ideas Shrivastav lobbied for included the importance of protecting languages where national radio stations and dual language billboards could be used to promote the tongue. She proposed Heritage Club areas in which individuals could learn more about their culture. Lastly, Shrivastav understands the integral link that food provides to a culture so she suggested that all public schools prepare a native food day on their menus.

The attendees peppered Shrivastav with questions, however, she preempted what could have been a tense exchange by thinking through all of the potential questions prior to the conference. She said, "The moment you say "um", all your credibility is lost." Shrivastav feels empowered by the experience even though she notes that her ideas will not be implemented. "The fact that you can come up with solutions to a problem is affirming. Your opinion matters in finding a real solution to real world problems."



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