Forensic Union

“The purpose of Forensic Union has always been to increase student interest, confidence and competence in public speaking and debate by providing students with a wide range of opportunities.”

- Bob Googins, retired faculty and founder of Forensic Union

Have you ever heard of triple speak? A Lincoln-Douglas prepared debate? An after-dinner speech? Neither had many students before joining the Forensic Union, Kingswood Oxford’s debate and public speaking club and team. At Forensic Union, all are welcome each week to come practice their skills, support their classmates and learn valuable techniques in public speaking and debate.

Each year, roughly 70 students participate – and by participate we mean come to weekly meetings and observe, dare to face off against a classmate in a small setting (with a bobblehead prize on the line), compete in local, national or international debates, or compete at the World Debate Championships.

KO is a member of the Debating Association of New England Independent Schools (DANEIS) and sends a team to 14 debates or public speaking tournaments throughout the year; we also host our own public speaking tournament each February. DANEIS organizes the competition into novice and advanced divisions so students can be matched up against others with similar experience. Last year, more than 40 KO students competed in an off-campus tournament. 

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