Hip Hop 101

Week 4: July 24-28, 2017

Over the course of five days we will cover the very broad scope of the hip hop movement. Within this time frame, students can expect to learn multiple topics including:
Where the dance and culture was founded and how it blossomed throughout the country •Technique
Movement explained, taught, and interpreted in five styles of dance.
How does art tie into this? A full class based on graffiti, the modern day urban art form which helped pave the way for Hip Hop genre.
The lifeblood of this dance culture.

Our program will bring students through beginner topics such as history, rhythm, and movement 101. They’ll learn how to choreograph or make movement in sequence, all the way through advance technique once the basic skills foundation has been solidified. Students will work in solo, duo, and group settings applying the skills, ideas, and movements developed through consistent practice, weaving together all aspects of the hip hop genre. Additional benefits of this course include cardio exercise, strength and flexibility, problem-solving skills, the ability to work in teams, musicality, a heightened mind-body connection, and increased confidence.

Students can expect to learn and train in the following styles:
Break Dancing
Urban movement

For students entering grades 4-9. Minimum enrollment 6; maximum enrollment 20. 
Program runs 8:30am - 4:30pm. 

Cost: $475; Early Bird Discount $425 until March 15


Jesse Sykes began his professional dancing career at a rather strange age, 18 years old. Training primarily out of Salt Lake City, UT he immersed himself within the hip hop community, learning from some of the very best in the state. Becoming knowledgeable within styles such as popping, house, locking, and breaking as well as choreography gave him a venue to travel the world and teach. He has taught in over 15 states and overseas. Jesse currently dances with the Body Poets who were on TruTV’s show,Fake Off and also on NBC’s, America’s Got Talent. Jesse regularly teaches with the prestigious Millennium Dance Complex franchise, and is a specialty performer for Utah’s own Odyssey Dance Theatre. Specializing in bringing true hip hop culture to studios, his ultimate mission is to create a new generation of dancers that can pass on the legacy of this culture and lifestyle.

Check out Jesse’s dancing here: https://youtu.be/54pnmYPfqgU and here.


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