Wyvern Strong

‘Caring Beyond Self’ for a safe community

Community Goals

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  • Our Aim

    • Protect the health and safety of our students, our employees, and their families, and our local community by minimizing the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in our School.
    • Provide an excellent academic and community experience for all of our students regardless of the learning platform.
    • Preserve flexibility to adjust to any changes in pandemic conditions as health and safety requirements allow or dictate.
  • State Guidance for Reopening

    • To safely resume campus operations, the prevalence of COVID-19 in Hartford County must remain low.
    • Local hospitals, including Hartford Hospital, St. Francis, and UConn Health, must have adequate surge capacity.
    • KO must be able to ensure adequate supplies of cleaning and disinfecting products and other necessary supplies to facilitate frequent handwashing and sanitizing.
    • KO will use technology to monitor the overall health of our community members and track the spread of COVID-19, if any.
    • Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to maintain appropriate social distancing protocols, wear face masks or coverings, and wash hands frequently.
    • Wearing a mask and abiding by social distancing guidelines is practicing personal responsibility and ‘caring beyond self.’
    Together, by respecting one another, we can face this challenge.

The Pandemic Response Team

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Pandemic Response Team

    KO has formed a Pandemic Response Team (PRT) to help guide the school through the many challenges surrounding the reopening of our campus. The primary mission is to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and faculty at KO and to serve as a resource for all members of our community as we develop the plans and policies necessary to protect our families while maintaining the educational and developmental goals of the school.

    In order to accomplish this goal, we will look both outside our campus as well as within. The members of the PRT will keep informed on the current trends and statistics presented by the CDC and WHO, review the policies and recommendations issued by the State of Connecticut, become familiar with best practices for schools and other group gatherings, and evaluate the reopening plans of our peer schools. On campus, we will monitor the mental and physical health of our community, establish one set of protocols to prevent the spread of the virus and another to protect the community if a student, faculty, or staff member should test positive for the virus.

    Because the progress of this pandemic is unpredictable, the PRT will remain flexible in assessing the effectiveness of current policies and adjusting them as necessary. Foremost in our minds will remain the need to keep our community safe while providing the best opportunity for our students to learn and grow, so we will continually provide updates as new information becomes available, and will be at the disposal of anyone who has questions or concerns regarding any part of the process of reopening our school.

Ascend (Basecamp) Platform

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Ascend (Basecamp)

    Kingswood Oxford has partnered with Base Camp Health’s Ascend platform to provide a safe and healthy environment- for learning and working. Ascend not only monitors your symptoms but uses machine learning to predict Covid-19 outbreaks and clusters before they happen.

    Each morning, prior to leaving for work and school, students, faculty, and staff will log into Ascend, answer a few questions (takes less than 30 seconds), and find out the recommended course of action based on CDC guidelines and internal policy. 

  • What steps do I take to access?

    KO families should have received two emails, one with an introduction and one with instructions on how to sign in to Basecamp Health’s Ascend platform. Students or parents/guardians, depending on division, will log in through a web browser on any device to the Basecamp Health site each morning prior to coming to school and complete the screening questions. Please add the site to your favorites on your web browser of choice. Upon arriving to school, students can show their phone or other device, open to the “cleared for campus” screen, or the faculty member who is there to check in students can look them up on our list for the day in the case that the student does not have a phone. Please log in daily (including Saturday and Sunday) and fill out the survey starting immediately, even though school has not started. This will enable us to ensure that all the kinks are worked out prior to the start of school.

    If you have not received an email with login information, please contact Beth Scully or Kathy Dunn.
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