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Every aspect of Kingswood Oxford’s Middle School is designed to meet the needs of students and to maximize their success. From the small class size to the block schedule, to the fact that athletic practices take place in the middle of the day, ours is a community that understands the developmental needs of middle schoolers.

Check out the video presentations from faculty and staff available on this page. If you have questions or want to connect with someone in admissions, academics, the arts, athletics, or any other area please email us!

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Sports at KO

Arts at KO

Past Virtual Admission Event Recordings

Summer Preview Event

Join our Head of the Middle School Ann Sciglimpaglia, and some of our Middle School faculty members to learn about Kingswood Oxford's Middle School student-centered education and the pivotal role middle school plays in a child's education. Insight about KO's philosophy and curriculum will be shared, as well as how important it is to nurture preteens' intellectual curiosity and pride in "being smart."

Affordability Seminar

KO's Director of Financial Assistance Alan Comrie and Assistant Head of School for External Affairs Zaira Santiago held a webinar on affordability options for families interested in pursuing independent school education. Enjoy this video recording which addressed various topics from the financial assistance application process to merit scholarships to payment options available to KO families.

Spring Preview Event

This spring we held a live webinar for families as a spring preview for our Fall Open House Admission Season. It featured Head of School Tom Dillow, Head of the Middle School Ann Sciglimpaglia, and Associate Director of the Middle School Kathy Dunn. If you didn't get a chance to attend or want to view it again the recording is below.

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Academics

    Learning at Kingswood Oxford is about more than “getting good grades.” It’s about discovering your passions, asking questions, developing a deep love of learning that will prepare you for your educational journey! It is cool to be smart at KO!

    We have a rigorous student-centered academic program that allows students to dive deeply into their passions, or find areas in which they didn't realize they wanted to pursue. Our environment is one of inquiry-based learning where students ask questions and dive deep with subject material.
    Day in and day out our faculty creates a learning culture driven by student ownership. The equation, the group project, the essay, the lab report, the learning experience are the catalysts for engaged learning. Students begin to deeply inquire not only of themselves but also their peers and their teachers. This educational journey truly develops life long learners with intellectual curiosity and capacity, self-confidence and care, and a social tool kit to effectively navigate their next chapter….high school!

    KO’s daily schedule reflects our core values as it is intentionally designed to explore subject material with modified block scheduling, longer class periods and fewer transitions during the day. There are dedicated Performing Arts and Athletic programs built into the middle of the school day. Faculty members are passionate about teaching Middle School aged-students to empower them to embrace learning and succeed intellectually and socially. They are partners with them on this journey. Teachers and advisors work with students on organization, self-advocacy as well as leadership skills to name a few.
  • Arts

    Our middle schoolers have full integration of visual and performing arts including theater, music, visual arts, media arts, and groups & ensembles. In addition, they have access to visiting artists who share their expertise and creativity when they come to campus.

    As part of their six core classes, students in each grade level rotate through four quarters of arts block classes each school year, culminating in more student choice in those arts block classes as a Form 2 (8th grade) student.

    Additionally, there is a daily music block in our schedule where students have the choice of musical groups each school year, including choir, band, orchestra or electronic music (Form 1 & 2 students).
  • Athletics

    The Kingswood Oxford Middle School schedule is designed intentionally with this specific age group in mind. There is time in our daily schedule for advisory, athletics, music and study halls depending on the day of the week. During all three seasons of athletics in the school year, our sports teams meet mid-day, which promotes whole-life fitness, teamwork, and allows our middle school students to re-energize and focus for the remainder of their school day.

    We have 21 interscholastic teams across three seasons. The teams meet during the school day for practices; those teams that compete generally play their games on Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays. Our faculty are also coaches, allowing them to get to know each individual student-athlete both on and off the field.
  • Student Life

    Our Middle School is all about life in and out of the classroom. Our advisory system plays a key role in our Middle School student’s day to day experience. The student’s advisor is involved with all aspects of the student’s KO experience. This advisory group meets 3-4 times per week and as some students’ call it, the group becomes their “KO family.”

    Throughout the year students participate in community service events together. Our formal community service program visits Loaves and Fishes, Fox Elementary School in Hartford, and an elderly facility in West Hartford each week with a group of 8-12 students. Events are also held throughout the school year to support specific charities that students choose.

    KO students do have the opportunity to participate in club activities in our Middle School. Each year, a variety of clubs are offered from a Moviemaking club, Model UN, Harry Potter or Mock Trial, you can find something of interest. Students are also welcome to start up a club with a faculty member as their club advisor! You have an interest, you can share it with your friends!

New Interdisciplinary Class Coming This Fall

This NEW Form 1 (7th grade) expedition-based interdisciplinary course will be team-taught by science, history and English teachers. This course will occur during the fall semester of 2020.

The course will explore the Connecticut River watershed as we pursue the question, “What is the Power of Water?” Students will conduct hands-on experiments along the riverbanks and interview various stakeholders who live and work next to rivers like the Farmington and Connecticut. As an interdisciplinary course and through the lenses of science, history, and literature, students will examine and explore both the literal and figurative power of water.
Our Middle School students have a wide range of interdisciplinary opportunities available to them. They have a passion for getting involved and being an active part of their own learning. Check out some of the most recent projects they have been working on, including a few self-created drama videos and a virtual jazz ensemble number!

Drama Family Interviews

Storytelling Through Dance

Storytelling Through Dance

Student Athletics Advisory Council

Middle School Jazz Ensemble

Science Teacher Josh Garrison

Head of Middle School Ann Sciglimpaglia

Director of Theater Kyle Reynolds

English Teacher Anastasia Quinn

Located in West Hartford, CT just steps from Blue Back Square, Kingswood Oxford is a private school inspiring co-ed day students in grades 6-12 with a college preparatory curriculum. Empowered students become clear confident communicators, resourceful problem-solvers, and ethical leaders. KO: where unlimited potential meets endless opportunities.
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