Camp KO - Summer 2020

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

West Hartford's Best Summer Day Camp

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Morning Drop Off

    First Day of Camp - Please arrive between 8:30-9:00 am. Park in the lot and walk your child to the Hoffman Field House. Step up to the registration table to check in, drop-off any health forms, pick up your child’s t-shirt and drop their lunch in our lunch bin.

    On all other days, you may drive up to the entrance of the Field House and let your child walk in on their own. For safety reasons we would prefer that you not have them walk through the parking lot as cars are traveling in and out. Your child will be greeted by a counselor who will check them off on our attendance roster. If you are picking up your child prior to 3:30 pm, please have a signed note and have your child hand it in when they arrive.
  • Afternoon Pick Up

    Pick up time is 4:30 pm at the Field House. Please arrive a few minutes prior and sign out your child with our counselor in the courtyard in front of the Field House. We will not allow campers to walk through the parking lot unaccompanied.

    The campers will be inside from 4:00-4:30 pm participating in a yoga/deep breathing class and we prefer that parents stay outside so as not to distract them.

    Once they are dismissed and walk out, find your child and walk with them to your car. PLEASE make sure you check out with our staff so that we have a proper accounting of all children at the end of the day.
  • Early Pick-Ups

    You may pick up your child anytime prior to 3:30 pm but not between 3:30-4:30 pm. If you know in advance that they are leaving early, send them in with a signed note. We will have them at the field house at the designated time. If an emergency arises, please send an email to Sheri Shea and be sure to put your child’s name, the program they are attending and the time of pick up.
  • Walking or Biking to Camp

    If you would like to have your child walk or bike home, please bring a signed note on the first day of camp or send an email prior to the first day indicating that you give them permission to walk or bike to and from camp. Remind your child that they must still check in and check out each day with the Camp KO staff person on duty.
  • Going home with another camp family?

    No problem. Please have your child inform us in the morning when they check in or send in a note for them to hand to our staff.
  • Friday Pick Up

    On Fridays, each program has a culminating event that parents are invited to attend. Generally, these events end at 4:00 pm at which time you can leave with your child. Be sure to check out with their head instructor and make sure they have all of their belongings. If you cannot make it to the event, please come inside the field house at 4:30 pm and sign out your child with our staff person.
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