Middle School students have one advisor for Upper Prep, then change to a new advisor for Forms 1 and 2.
Self-awareness – As soon students start Upper Prep (grade 6), they begin to understand what it means to learn effectively, what constitutes good work, and what their own strengths and weaknesses are in regard to learning. By the time they complete Form 2 (grade 8), Kingswood Oxford students know themselves as learners and have developed strategies for capitalizing on their strengths and overcoming their challenges.
Making connections – Middle School students must become familiar with a new school community. They need to form relationships with their peers, teachers, and advisors. The social landscape is one that requires navigation and support, and as they progress, they are asked to lead the younger students in positive ways.
Self-advocacy – By Form 2, students are expected to be able to learn when and how to ask for help. Although this is a lifelong skill that is reinforced in the Upper School, Middle School students begin by learning to talk with adults, by communicating appropriately (through e-mail or in person), and by being honest with their feelings.
Time management – The schedule of the Middle School encourages students to manage their time by: completing their homework on the night it is assigned; using study hall time effectively; and adjusting to more homework by planning ahead and prioritizing. While the ultimate goal is for students to master time management independently, their progression toward the goal is thoughtful and deliberate. Advisors aid and support students as they grow to take ownership of their own daily schedules.
Organization – Beginning with learning to keep a locker and use a homework planner, advisors work with Middle School students to devise an organizational plan that works for them. This includes having what is needed for class and keeping track of personal belongings. The use of technology (e-mail, blogs, wikis, and teacher Web pages) is added to the mix as students get older.
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