Five Effective Ways to Feel Empowered

Joan Edwards
“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power” -- Lao Tzu

Growing up is hard to do. Even when we are well beyond the years of formal education, there is much to learn about how to stay grounded as we manage the challenges of life.  I chose this quote from Lao Tzu because I am reminded that the root of feeling empowered is to become more self aware. I offer these five suggestions for mastering your “SELF”.
  1. Breathe. Our body takes care of us by breathing in and out every day. Pay attention to the quality of your breath especially in times of stress. Breathing in deeply (a deep breath will make your stomach rise), will naturally calm your system so that you can move through any moment in a grounded way;
  2. Practice courageous inquiry. As you move through your day, take time to notice the thoughts you have about each moment and each interaction. Notice from a place of curiosity not judgement. Ask yourself: Why am I thinking that thought? Why am I experiencing this moment in this way? When you operate from your “automatic pilot” place, you miss out on what is really going on. Your ultimate goal is to respond from a place of awareness versus reacting from a place of blindness;
  3. Ask questions.  When you are faced with a conflict between you and another person, ask questions that seek to understand what is really at the heart of the matter instead of giving into the desire to judge the other person. This takes courage but it is well worth the effort;
  4. Give yourself permission to speak your truth. Even if it may seem like the only perspective in the conversation, give voice to your experience. It can be a scary prospect to speak up. However, when you speak up, you honor your self worth.
  5. Give thanks. Take time to notice the areas of your life for which you are grateful. Even by acknowledging the smallest examples of the good in your life, you will benefit from how this will put the challenges in perspective.
Take the time to focus on yourself.  If you can devote time to knowing your “self”, you will enjoy your life instead of enduring it.
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