Barnes Service Award Granted to Mutasim ’18

Founded in 1956 to recognize talented, motivated, and community-minded students, the WALKS Foundation is a consortium of five private schools: Westminster, Avon Old Farms, Loomis Chaffee, Kingswood Oxford, and Suffield Academy. Over the past 61 years, it has presented awards and scholarships to more than 400 students. Along with other students from WALKS schools, Mutasim will be recognized at an Oct. 24 luncheon at Avon Old Farms School. Mutasim has clocked 560 hours in community service during his high school years.

For Mutasim, community service comes as natural as breathing. As early as elementary school, Mutasim organized a group of students to manage the school crosswalk to keep the students safe. He said, “I’ve been raised knowing that I should help people so we can all live in a better place. Whenever there’s an opportunity to pitch in and I have the ability, I’ll do it.” Mutasim has visited Tobati, Paraguay for the community service trip two times at his time at KO. He’s a constructive and encouraging force in the KO community who started a programming club with his friends, tutors in the math center and helps middle school students adjust to their new environment by developing their organizational skills, study strategies, and social skills.  Additionally, he has volunteered at Winding Trails summer camp in Farmington for several summers and regards the experience positively. “You’re developing life skills, understanding the importance of teamwork, meeting people and learning their stories,”  he said. He related one particular instance where an eight-year-old boy was having difficulty socializing with other campers which led the child to become bullied. “I was the person that he came to when he was having trouble. I helped him expand his boundaries, open up and try new things. I guided him to find the right people to become friends with so he wouldn’t struggle.”

When in college, Mutasim plans on continuing to help those in need by utilizing his engineering expertise. He hopes to use his skill set to find a solution to people’s lack of access to water and food in Africa. In his college essay, Mutasim wrote, “Throughout my life, community service has played a big role in developing my persona. I strive to assist those less fortunate for it helps strengthen the community by bringing people closer together.”
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