Fun & Gaming & Student Ownership at KO

Every two weeks the forty-member strong Computer Club meets under the oversight of Director of Technology Dan Bateson. The goal is to bring together students who are interested in computers and technology and collaborate. Bateson may recommend ideas to the students, but many of the projects are student-generated. Bateson said, “These students have a passion for video games, and they wanted the challenge to build a unique system rather than just a high-end gaming system.”

The club recently built a retro arcade gaming system that runs games on multiple console emulators. The students selected the components, built the cabinetry that houses the arcade using carpentry skills, built the PC that runs the arcade, installed the operating system and the games they wanted to play. A core group of 12 students built the system after school over the course of several hours, capitalizing on the strength of each member. Bateson said the most complicated aspect of the project was mapping the controls for the arcade since each console requires different types of controls.

Club member Henry Mandell said the experience was a rewarding one. “It was a cool idea that we all came up with together. As a student, it’s hard to imagine that something like this is possible, but with Mr. Bateson’s encouragement, the club made it happen,” he said. Mandell also plays contemporary games like Fortnite which require a higher degree of strategy but enjoys the simplicity of the retro games. “It’s a lot like reading an older book. It’s a stress reliever and relaxing. Sometimes you even discover a secret that a programmer left in the game,” he said.
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