Soccer - Middle School B - Kingswood Oxford

Soccer – Middle School B

Just like our Middle School academics at KO, our Middle School sports are designed with young adolescents in mind and how they learn best. The focus in Middle School sports is on foundation-building skills and techniques to develop the athlete into a formidable player at the high school level. Importantly, the emphasis is on teamwork and collaboration – skills that translate into the classroom.


Sports practice is intentionally set in the middle of the day so students can reset. Our Middle School teachers, some of them former college athletes themselves, coach the Middle School players so they understand their students from a 360-degree perspective.

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Katherine Nicholson

Middle School Creative Arts

Washington University in St. Louis, B.F.A.

860-233-9631 X3107


Sarah Phillips

Middle School Modern Languages

St. Lawrence University - B.A.

860-233-9631 X3108


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