Why Robotics?

Our signature robotics program allows students to grow as programmers, designers, builders, and artists by interweaving foundational skill development and open, student-led exploration in a self-paced, collaborative environment. As a small community of learners, all roboticists, regardless of skill level, contribute actively to our clean, safe, and supportive space.

Fall Season

The Skills Session serves to expose interested students to the designing, building, and programming of robots using Arduino components. The session is broken into a series of directed challenges designed to explore different aspects of robotics. Students are placed into small teams to complete each of the challenges. The season culminates in a final exploration in which the students choose the challenge and share their work with the school community.

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • How many times a week does Robotics meet?

    Fall: Robotics will meet at least three times each week.

    Winter: Every day with the exception of Wednesday.
  • Can I participate in fall and winter seasons?

    The fall season is open to anyone and you can participate as many times as you want. For the winter season, participants do have to apply. 

    Students who participate in the fall are not permitted to participate in the winter session in the same school year. Students may participate in the fall session in subsequent years.
  • How many students can participate?

    A maximum of 15 students will be allowed to participate due to room size and part/tool availability.
  • Are there leadership positions open?

    In addition to the fall participants, there are 2-4 slots available, at the discretion of the coach(es), for mentorship positions. Students must apply for these positions. These mentors are allowed to participate in both the fall and winter sessions of the same school year. Mentors must have completed at least one fall session or have comparable experience in order to be considered.

Winter Season

The Advanced Application Session provides a student-driven robotics experience in which the students determine the robotic challenge(s) they will tackle using Arduino components as the springboard. The session begins with proposal development during which students either individually or in a team (up to 3 members) create a comprehensive proposal including objectives, budget, and schedule for their project. The students will present and submit their proposal for approval. If approved, the students spend the remaining session following through on their proposal, ensuring any adjustments made are approved along the way. The season culminates in a showcase in which students share their work with the school community and present to a panel of subject-matter experts from industry and higher education. 

Recent Projects (Fall Season)

App-Controlled Self-Lacing Shoes (Winter Season)

The Boverbraft (Winter Season)

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