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CIT/Volunteer/Paid Positions

CIT, VOlunteer, paid positions

Camp KO provides three tiers of student involvement throughout the summer season. Across each level, our objective is to facilitate the acquisition of leadership, communication, and social-emotional development skills for the participating students.


counselor-in-training (CIT) Positions

Individuals aged 14 (must attain age by June 17, 2024) can apply for CIT positions in camp programs catering to campers up to 13 years old. CITs benefit from half-tuition, enabling their participation in foundational camp activities while honing their skills in a program of personal interest. Applicants must complete an online application and undergo an interview with the camp director.



Camp KO provides unpaid volunteer positions for individuals aged 15 and above. Prospective volunteers should demonstrate a high level of expertise in a particular field. Selected candidates will collaborate with the lead instructor to develop teaching or coaching skills, serve as positive role models for younger campers, and contribute to both the morning and afternoon fitness and conditioning programs. Participants in these roles will accrue 40 hours of community service per week during the camp. Applicants must complete an online application and undergo an interview with the camp director.


paid Positions

Camp KO offers paid positions to former Camp KO volunteers and long-time campers as well as those who are graduating seniors or older. Paid positions are available in higher volume sports camps like soccer and basketball, highly technical programs such as 3D printing and computer coding, camp logistics, and/or lunch service.


We seek dynamic, enthusiastic individuals with strong leadership qualities and the ability to serve as positive role models for our campers. Selection is contingent upon demonstrated leadership and teaching capabilities. Applicants should be rising seniors or beyond, complete an online application, interview, and commit to attending all staff training sessions before the commencement of camp.



How to Apply

The online application for CITs, Volunteers, or Paid Staff opens on January 5, 2024, and is due by March 25. After we review the online application, candidates will be emailed a link to a Google Calendar to schedule an in-person interview with either the camp director or assistant director. Hiring decisions will be communicated on or before April 30, 2024.



Required training for all employed roles involves an online Social Emotional Learning course and a comprehensive camp orientation scheduled for Wednesday, June 4, 2024. Attendance at this session is mandatory for all applicants intending to work at the camp. Additionally, volunteers and CITs aged 18 and above must sign an authorization/waiver form, while those under 18 must obtain parental signatures. All staff must have a  health form on file with their immunization record.


For the safety and welfare of all campers, Camp KO reserves the unrestricted right to dismiss any hired staff whose conduct or influence, in the opinion of the Camp Director, is detrimental to the best interests of the camp.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Join Us


1. Learn from the best: Work side by side with expert teachers and coaches.

2. Do what you love: Dive into a program you’re passionate about, whether it’s sports, academics, or art!

3. Earn while you learn: Get community service hours under your belt and boost that college resume.

4. Step into the future: Volunteer now for a path to paid positions in the field you adore.

5. Camp = Ultimate Fun: Because who says learning can’t be a blast?

6. Build lifelong bonds: Forge friendships with awesome campers, staff, and fellow volunteers.

7. Bagel Day Hype: Wednesdays are our special Bagel Day – need we say more?8. Fashion Forward: Rock our stylish staff shirts with pride.

9. Weekends are Yours: No weekend or nighttime shifts – enjoy your time off!

10. Sweet Perks: Indulge in free ice cream every single day! Join us for a summer of smiles and scoops!”