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General Camp Information

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Registration

    Please register your child for camp using our easy online system. Please call the Camp Director at 860-727-5032 if you have any questions. Please complete all forms on the portal at the time of registration.
  • How the camp week runs

    Campers will choose one sport per week and they will be placed in a group that will stay together for the entire week. Each session is 2. 5 hours in length. This group will be based on age first then ability level. All sports camps will focus heavily on skill development with some playing time at the end of each session to reinforce the instructional elements learned that day. There will be water/snack and bathroom breaks assigned for each group and we ask that your child bring their own water bottle and a non-perishable snack each day.
  • Snack and water/beverage

    Campers will bring their water bottles and non-perishable snacks each day in a backpack or drawstring bag. There will be water stations on each field where campers can refill their water bottles. Children will leave for the day before lunch.
  • Health, Safety and Required Forms

    The health and safety of our campers and staff are of paramount importance to us. We will follow all health and safety protocols set forth by the OEC’s Youth Camp Guidelines.

    A certified first-aid responder will be on campus at all times to handle any injuries or illness and will collaborate with the camp's medical director should additional care be needed. If a child comes to camp with a fever about 100 degrees or has any symptoms of illness, they will not be allowed at camp for the day. If a camper shows any signs of illness during camp, they will either be placed in an isolated room or in an outdoor shaded area away from all other campers. until the parent can come for pick up. The first-aid responder will stay with that child until the parent arrives.
  • Medications and Medical Delivery Devices

    This includes inhalers, epi-pens, glucagon injectors.

    Any child that needs medication administered during camp hours or has the need for a medical delivery device MUST HAVE THIS FORM completed and signed by both the parent and the physician and this must be dated after Aug. 4, 2019. Please complete in full the online health form during registration. Both the form and the device (in its original packaging with prescription label) should be in the child’s backpack each day. Each coach will have a list of their campers who have an inhaler or epi-pen.
  • Face Coverings

    Face coverings must be worn by campers at check-in, when going to the bathroom and when leaving for the camp.
  • Camp Attire 

    Wear appropriate attire for your particular sport. Please bring sunscreen and an extra pair of socks, and an extra shirt each day in a backpack. (Campers will be reminded to use sunscreen, but will be expected to apply it themselves.)
  • Camp Equipment

    Tennis - Your child must bring their own racquet each day.

    Soccer - Your child should have outdoor soccer cleats, shin pads and their own ball each day.

    Flag Football - No extra equipment necessary

    Boys Lacrosse - Your child should have his own stick, gloves, helmet and shoulder pads and bring them each day.

    Girls Lacrosse - Your child should have her own stick, eye goggles, and mouthguard.

    Field Hockey - Your child should have her own stick, mouth guard and eye goggles.

    Baseball - Your child must bring a baseball cap, helmet, bat, glove and batting gloves (optional). Your child should also wear proper baseball cleats.
  • Inclement Weather

    If the forecast is for heavy rain throughout the morning, we will notify everyone by 8 am via email and camp will be canceled for the day. We will host a make up day in Spring 2021. There will be no prorated fees for the camp week.

    If an unexpected thunderstorm rolls in, we will walk all groups to the Estes Middle School building and each group of 10 students will be placed in a classroom with a coach until parents arrive for pick up. Parents will be emailed and they will drive up to the front door of the middle school and stay in their cars for pick up.
  • Before and After Care

    There will be no before or aftercare for sports camps in 2020. 

COVID-19 Safety Rules: Coaches and players will be required to wear a mask during these sessions. Please do not send your child if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or have traveled to a state that requires a quarantine upon return.

For the safety and welfare for all campers, Camp KO reserves the unrestricted right to dismiss any camper whose conduct or influence, in the opinion of the Camp Director, is detrimental to the best interests of the camp. There will be no refunds in this case.

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