Faculty and Staff Directory - Kingswood Oxford

Faculty and Staff Directory

Making a Daily Difference in the Lives of Our Students

Each day our faculty work hard to expand the minds of their students. They hold high expectations for their students, gently pushing them beyond what they thought they were capable of, treating students as partners in their journey of self-discovery.


It’s the people in the community that make Kingswood Oxford what it is. From the well-seasoned to those newer to the vocation, our teachers share a common goal of creating a collaborative and inspiring environment for our students to reach their full potential. Kingswood Oxford students have a tremendous work ethic, and that, coupled with teachers who are passionate about their subjects, produces an incredible dynamic in the classroom. 


As a community with a growth mindset, KO continually asks faculty to refine their teaching and adopt best practices in the classroom. Teachers self-select Collaborative Learning Groups (CLG) to join. These groups meet three or four times during the fall and winter to collaboratively lesson plan and analyze student work to create an equitable classroom culture where student ownership is the norm. The five focus areas include a book club related to summer reading, project-based learning (PLB) and authentic application, how to give feedback to develop independent learners, student-led class discussions to aid in student agency and choice, and collaborative learning.


Teachers constantly engage with this question in their work: “How do we learn deeply together?”


This is a vibrant school to work, learn, and grow.