Mission and Core Values

Mission & Core Values

The Way We Teach, Guide, and Influence One Another

Values are Everything

Our mission and core values are the grounding force within our school, its very soul. Our mission is why we are here. Our values are what we do. Ask any KO student about the core value that resonates with them the most, and you’ll get thoughtful and meaningful answers. For McKenzie, intellectual curiosity impels her to dig deeper into her science class and ask ‘Why?’ For Manu, ‘care beyond self’ means checking on a friend who’s hit a rough patch. At KO, we constantly breathe life into the collection of words we call values. Every day.


Our Mission

Kingswood Oxford inspires students to excel and to lead lives of integrity and involvement by nourishing their talents in a community of teachers, friends, and families.

Core values

Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and respect
Learn with passion and perseverance
Embrace intellectual curiosity
Care beyond self
Take personal responsibility
Work hard, take risks, become involved


Our Motto

Vincit Qui Se Vincit – “One Conquers By Conquering Oneself”

The core value that resonates with me the most is ‘care beyond self’ because you can become the best version of yourself by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You learn how to become a really good friend and a better person.

— Annabelle, senior