Upper School Academics

Upper School

Compelling, Creative Classes Activate Learning.

What a Difference A Connection Makes


Students and Teachers Connect, Share, Collaborate, and Learn from One Another at KO


Upper School students continue to explore their sense of self, refine their points of view, identify meaningful ways to “care beyond self,” and seek answers to big questions. True, deep learning at KO is valued; it’s far more than achieving a good grade on a project or exam. Our students are grappling with social issues while discovering their capacity to push themselves – academically, physically, and creatively. Whether moving up from KO’s Middle School or entering as a 9th, 10th, or 11th grader, KO’s faculty and advisors ensure Upper School students pick up where they left off. Transitions are seamless, and every program is designed to inspire you to dig deeper into the content and connect across the curriculum.


Our Upper School classes focus on engagement and create a dynamic environment for learning. Students gain mastery of the material they are learning, guided by exceptional teachers. By providing ample space for discovery, these classes allow students to connect with the subject on a deeper level than just rote learning.


Teachers allow students to express their learning and understanding through various projects that showcase their individual creativity and match the students’ diverse learning styles. The public-speaking student may choose to convey their learning in an oral report, the writer through blogging, or the engineering student by building a gaming device. Projects geared to student interests motivate and encourage students to learn more and learn more deeply—a win-win for the student and teacher in the classroom.


Experience the Freedom and Joy of Learning in a Vibrant Environment.

“A good teacher understands how you learn and pushes you to do the best you can. KO teachers challenge you in a motivational way.”

— Regina, senior


“At KO, students are invited to take intellectual risks. They gain the courage to challenge each other’s views and their own way of thinking.”

—Steph Sperber, Upper School history teacher

A College-Prep Program Enlivens Every Day, In Every Corner of KO Life.


  • Interdisciplinary courses connect content, theory, and practice – forging intellectual pathways to create a new body of knowledge and skills.

  • Students engage with the community through local partnerships and find new ways to have an impact.

  • Students create co-curricular activities that align with their interests.

  • Increasing independence gradually transfers responsibility for learning to each student.

  • KO’s partnership with Global Online Academy makes any course of study accessible.

  • Varied and continually advancing coursework develops sophisticated thinking and assures continual growth.

  • International travel opportunities extend the classroom through new cultures, languages, and customs – giving students important perspectives and understanding.

  • Service learning in Paraguay through Team Tobati allows students to apply KO’s core value of “care beyond self.”

Students at Kingswood Oxford in West Hartford use their problem solving skills in a hands-on educational environment