KIT Tournament - Kingswood Oxford

KIT Tournament

The Paul W. “Frosty” Francis Kingswood Invitational Tournament, now in its 61st year, is one of Kingswood Oxford’s most cherished (and most fun) traditions.


If you follow sports, you are likely familiar with some of the iconic venues and good-natured rivalries – Rucker Park in New York City, where basketball legends emerged; the unforgettable Lakers-Celtics rivalry of the 1980s; and of course, since this is Husky territory, the many, many nights of March Madness and trips to the Final Four courtesy of UConn.


But when you check in with KO alums and prep school basketball players from the 1970s, ‘80s, and beyond, the KIT ranks right up there with the best of them, in terms of roaring crowds, standing-room-only gyms, nail-biters, buzzer beaters, memorable individual performances, and overall great competition.


The Kingswood Oxford Invitational truly represents what is best about high school athletics in general, and independent school basketball, in particular: In addition to showcasing skillful play and sportsmanship, it brings together people of all ages and backgrounds, cultivating friendships and camaraderie born out of competition.

2023 Girls’ Bracket

2023 Girls KIT Bracket

Fri 12/15/2023

Game #2 [Soby] 2:30pm
Rocky Hill vs. Kimball Union (59-67) (final)
Game #4 [Soby] 4:00pm
Hopkins vs. Wilbraham & Monson (8-98) (final)
Game #5 [Hewett] 6:00pm
Kingswood Oxford vs. Hyde (72-30) (final)
Game #6 [Soby] 6:00pm
Holderness vs. Pomfret (78-17) (final)

Sat 12/16/2023

Game #9 [Hewett] 12:00pm
Wilbraham & Monson vs. Kimball Union (61-51) (final)
Game #12 [Soby] 1:30pm
Hopkins vs. Rocky Hill (27-57) (final)
Game #13 [Hewett] 3:30pm
Kingswood Oxford vs. Holderness (39-66) (final)
Game #16 [Soby] 5:00pm
Hyde vs. Pomfret (49-36) (final)

Sun 12/17/2023

Game #17 [Soby] Consolation Final 10:00am
Hyde vs. Rocky Hill (43-76) (final)
Game #20 [Hewett] Third Place Game 11:30am
Kingswood Oxford vs. Kimball Union (46-58) (final)
Game #22 [FH 2] 7th/8th Place Game 11:30am
Pomfret vs. Hopkins (31-67) (final)
Game #23 [Hewett] Championship Game 1:00pm
Holderness vs. Wilbraham & Monson (32-42) (final)

2023 Boys’ Bracket 

2023 KIT Boys Bracket

Fri 12/15/2023

Game #1 [Hewett] 2:30pm
Westminster vs. New York Military Academy (35-61) (final)
Game #3 [Hewett] 4:00pm
King vs. Lawrenceville (56-64) (final)
Game #7 [Hewett] 7:30pm
Kingswood Oxford vs. Greens Farms (89-34) (final)
Game #8 [Soby] 7:30pm
Pingree vs. Hyde (57-41) (final)

Sat 12/16/2023

Game #10 [Soby] 12:00pm
King vs. Westminster (68-79) (final)
Game #11 [Hewett] 1:30pm
Lawrenceville vs. New York Military Academy (50-48) (final)
Game #14 [Soby] 3:30pm
Greens Farms vs. Hyde (50-52) (final) (OT)
Game #15 [Hewitt] 5:00pm
Kingswood Oxford vs. Pingree (70-58) (final)

Sun 12/17/2023

Game #17 [Hewett] Third Place Game 10:00am
Pingree vs. New York Military Academy (54-52) (final)
Game #19 [FH 2] 7th/8th Place Game 10:00am
Greens Farms vs. King (39-95) (final)
Game #21 [Soby] Consolation Final 11:30am
Hyde vs. Westminster (57-64) (final)
Game #24 [Hewett] Championship Game 3:00pm
Kingswood Oxford vs. Lawrenceville (54-45) (final)