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Preparing students to be productive & principled citizens

What a Difference Advising Makes


Advising at Kingswood Oxford is about more than course selection and college readiness. It’s about developing smart, compassionate, and well-equipped citizens. Students benefit from 360 degrees of daily perspective and just the right amount of guidance.


We see you

for who you are and

all that you can become.

KO's Holistic Approach

Advisors and Students

Middle School students have one advisor for Upper Prep (6th Grade), then change to a new advisor for Forms 1 (7th Grade) and 2 (8th Grade). At the Upper School, students remain with the same advisor for Forms 3 (Freshmen) and 4 (Sophomore), then change to a new advisor for Forms 5 (Junior) and 6 (Senior). Upon admittance to KO, the Form Dean is in direct contact with the Enrollment Team and the families to ensure that the student is assigned to their best advisor match. Each advisor has a small advisee group of 7-8 students, with whom they meet 3x weekly. During this time, advisees and advisors form a deep and trusting relationship. 


A Strong Supportive Relationship

Advisors serve as an advocate for the students and their families. In addition to overseeing a student’s academic progress, advisors also provide informal and personal guidance in all areas of school life. They collect and receive information from their advisees’ teachers and coaches. They problem-solve and support their advisees. They communicate home to advisee’s families often with updates, concerns, and guidance. The advisor is the primary liaison between the school and the student and their family. 


Advisors and Families

Advisors connect with families via email and phone or often on the sidelines of a Wednesday athletic outing or in the audience of a musical performance. Conferences occur twice a year to discuss student progress and to set goals. With the support of their advisors, students led these conferences. In preparation, they read all their teachers’ comments, complete a self-reflection, and meet with their advisor. This biannual conference and the preparation that comes along with it contribute to their sense of responsibility, empowerment, and self-advocacy.


Bridging the Gap Between School & Home

Advisors stay in close contact with students and families.


Guidance Throughout the KO Journey

In many ways, advisors function as “life coaches” – they see what happens in the hallways, on the sports field, in the classroom, and more. They use this “big picture perspective” to guide and support all aspects of a student’s life: academic, athletic, social, and extracurricular.


Student Wellness: Additional level of support

We understand the connection between social-emotional health and academic success. KO supports its students with a wellness team to ensure they have access to resources to help them navigate the rough patches they may encounter. Visit this page to learn more.



“Your advisor is a trusted adult, a great resource, and someone you can go to with anything that you may need. Anything and everything! You can confide in them about your academics, your social life, or athletics. Advising time is also just a fun, relaxing reprieve in the middle of your day to take a breath and connect with your peers.”

Charlotte, senior

Advising Curriculum

Within each Middle and Upper School grade, advisors work with students to achieve specific goals, preparing them to succeed in subsequent grade levels.