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Middle School

Preparing students to be flexible, resilient lifelong learners.



Every aspect of Kingswood Oxford’s Middle School is designed to meet the needs of students aged 10-14 — and to maximize their success. From the small class size to the block schedule to the fact that athletics take place in the middle of the day, ours is a community that understands the developmental needs of middle schoolers.


Walk through the Middle School halls, and you’ll see and hear the energy of students building a race track to learn about the laws of physics or debating states’ rights in history. It’s vibrant. It’s active. Students remember these classes and experiences long after they leave our Middle School.


The KO Middle School cultivates joy in learning and self-confidence, preparing students for the opportunities of high school and life.




“I’ve learned a lot about myself at KO – that there’s so much more that I can do and that I’m capable of. You can try something new every day here. It’s amazing because you can discover things that you really start to like and things that spark a new interest.”


— Madison, seventh grade

Here's what sets KO apart

What a Difference a Relationship Makes


As parents, you know your children better than anyone else; they are your most treasured people in the entire world. And the middle school faculty know middle school adolescents better than anybody else. So, when we partner together, that creates a really powerful and dynamic team to help move your child through middle school and help them to grow and change.

Ann Sciglimpaglia, Head of the Middle School


Outstanding Advising


We know our students. Teachers are invested in the growth of their students academically and as civic-minded contributors. Our advising program is top-notch. We help empower our students not just to be the best learners they can be but to help them feel that they can break the world open and do what they need to do to get to where they want to be.


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What a Difference Advising makes at KO.

Block Schedule


It’s part of what makes KO special. 75-minute classes allow for deeper learning and interaction during the specified learning time and softer transitions to other times in the day.



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What a Difference Our Schedule makes to help our students grow and learn.

Supportive, Inclusive Community 


Together the Middle School is a family. Our faculty and administrators partner with students and families to create a dynamic system of support that fosters deep intellectual growth while catering to adolescents.


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What a Difference the KO Family makes to our students’ experience.

The KO Middle School is...



There are a lot of smiles in the KO Middle School. Each class is designed to foster a sense of curiosity and discovery while engaging with meaningful content.



Our teachers know what each child needs. Teachers find out students’ interests and strengths and give them choice in their projects. They provide support and direction and move out of the way, so students are empowered.



All for one and one for all. Our team-based approach encourages collaboration. Everyone plays a part – no matter how big or how small. We are more than the sum of our parts!


Kingswood Oxford Middle School students in West Hartford embrace the core value of care beyond self
Middle School students in West Hartford come to school happy and ready to learn
Kingswood Oxford students in West Hartford engage in student-led Harkness table discussions
Kingswood Oxford students in West Hartford embrace the core value of care beyond self
Kingswood Oxford middle school student collaboate
Middle School students at Kingswood Oxford in West Hartford engage in hands-on learning

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