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Block Schedule

Designed to Maximize Student Success

What a Difference a Block Schedule Makes


Unlike other middle schools, Kingswood Oxford Middle School follows a block schedule to maximize learning and better meet students’ needs.


Class periods of 75 minutes allow time to explore ideas in-depth and engage in research, discussions, and hands-on projects. In the middle of the day, we intentionally carve out time for sports and lunch to provide students time to participate in team sports, be physically active, and practice the skills of collaboration and teamwork. Schedules integrate art, music, and other enhancements to deepen students’ appreciation of the world around them. Co-curricular opportunities are offered and further develop skills in leadership, organization, and negotiation. Students meet with each of their academic courses five times in a 10-day rotation with opportunities to vary the schedule daily.

Why is our Block Schedule so age-appropriately awesome?

Our school day is designed to have students dig into an idea and wrestle with concepts and problems during a 75-minute class. After using all that brain power, the students reset with a less academic period before tackling the next subject. Having longer periods to learn productively and then transition before focusing on academics helps students achieve deeper learning experiences. Here are some highlights:


  • Greater collaboration between students and teachers

  • Time for students and teachers to meet for extra help on “off” days

  • Consistently scheduled advising time

  • Full integration of visual and performing arts

  • Time for a full advising program and social-emotional program

  • Time for students to dig deeper into content areas
    (we believe in a smaller curriculum but at greater depth)

Why are sports in the middle of the day?

Being on a team is directly linked to some of the goals we seek in the classroom — cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork. It’s part of our whole-child approach to learning and a fantastic time for kids to play! Exercise and physical release is a fundamental part of our students’ day and helps build healthy habits for life.

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