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Training & Wellness

Athletic Training & Wellness

As much as we like to win, Kingswood Oxford’s main priority is always on students’ overall well-being. This holistic approach means Kingswood Oxford athletes are prepared and protected with a team of professionals and services that include:



  • Strength and conditioning

  • Personalized training

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Concussion safety

Strength & Conditioning: Prepping to Win

Upper school students playing on an interscholastic team can build their strength and skills in Kingswood Oxford’s Sports Conditioning program. Under the guidance of Coach Brad Seaman, athletes follow detailed workouts designed to:


  • Minimize injury risk

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Teach life-long wellness skills

  • Create a winning atmosphere based on intense training and appropriate recovery


Additionally, in-season teams have scheduled access to the Fitness Center, where they are guided through a strength-building program.


Personal Fitness


Upper School students can build their own personalized fitness program under the guidance of Coach Seaman. This four-time per-week cardiovascular and strength training program instills a life-long fitn

Sports Medicine: Keeping Safety in the Forefront

Kingswood Oxford’s certified athletic trainers are on-site for each practice and game. As such, they identify, assess, and treat student-athletes. If needed, athletic trainers make physician referrals. Mindful of the risk of concussions, our team of athletic trainers manages the school’s ImPACT concussion testing program. This widely-used computerized evaluation system provides a neurocognitive assessment to determine an athlete’s ability to play (or not) after a concussion. Kingswood Oxford is also affiliated with Elite Sports Medicine, Connecticut’s premier sports-related treatment center.