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International Students

KO International Wyvern Program — The Global Journey

Kingswood Oxford School is dedicated to community and we understand that success in a community is dependent upon international-mindedness in this global world we live in today. Kingswood Oxford is committed to exposing all of our students to a diversity of people, culture, and places. We welcome student applicants from around the world to become a part of our community and contribute to this learning and development.

International students thrive at Kingswood Oxford

Why KO? (For International Families)

Why KO is right for International Students?

Kingswood Oxford has been in the West Hartford community for over 100 years. Our international students will experience integration in our school, our town and their homestay family that will enrich their academic experience and social development.


Our mission to nourish all of our students to excel and lead lives of integrity and involvement does not stop at the threshold of our campus gates – – it reaches far and wide into our community and your student from anywhere in the world will become a part of that experience.

Who is considered an International Student?

Students who are not US citizens or permanent residents of the US are considered international but those needing the Form I-20 are formally in our international admissions process. Also, any students who have not had their K-8 education in the English language are international students and will have to submit proof of English Language Proficiency according to Application Process requirements.


Where are KO International Students from?

Kingswood Oxford is proud to host students from China, the Republic of South Korea, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Spain in recent years. Our international student community is intimate and weaves easily into the fabric of our school. We are looking to diversify these countries as part of our international mindfulness and global perspective. KO believes that any diversification only enriches the academic and social experience for all of our students.

What are the advantages of a day school?

At a day school, all students are experiencing a similar schedule and pattern of attending school and activities during the day, returning home to their own room and bed in the evening, and engaging in social activity on the weekend. There are no “boarders” or “day” students. Every Wyvern has the pleasure of our campus for school, activities, and events while also having a home base on the off hours! Students can seamlessly and consistently remain with their host family even during holidays within the academic year.


What are the advantages of a homestay program?

Kingswood Oxford wants our international students to feel a true sense of community while contributing their global perspectives to our area residents. A great way for both sides to engage in that in practice for a day school is the homestay experience. A homestay offers the opportunity to live in a family environment – to integrate, communicate, and acclimate in a unique and welcoming way.


Begin Your Journey

The Kingswood Oxford global journey for our International Wyverns begins in the admissions process. Our Admissions Team will work with our international student applicants, their parents, and agents to navigate the entire application to the enrollment process. If you have specific questions, please contact Michelle Kollen the International Admissions Coordinator via email or +1.860.727.5006 to assist with international details.


Learn more about the International Admissions Process.

International Admissions Process

The application and admission process is the same for all of our students but our international applicants have a few more items that must be completed. These details are required for the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) Process and for our internal requirements. 


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International Student Experience

Once students are admitted to KO and have received their F-1 visa, they can prepare and pack their bags! International Wyverns continue their experience from their home country where materials and documents arrive preparing them for the amazing step of studying abroad.


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