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Tuition, Access & Affordability

Financial Assistance: The Streamlined Approach

We understand that cost matters and that each family presents its own unique circumstances. At Kingswood Oxford, our Financial Assistance Office will work with you to help make a transformative education affordable, through financial assistance and scholarships. In late 2017, legislation for 529 plans changed. Starting in 2018, families are now allowed to withdraw up to $10,000 from qualified 529 plans to use towards private, secondary school tuition for their children.


As always, we encourage you to seek the advice of your financial advisor when making any investment or tax-related decisions.


Tuition & Fees 2024-2025

  • Middle School (Grades 6-8): $43,300

  • Upper School (Grades 9-12): $47,600

  • Activity Fee: $750

  • Books: $400-$800

  • Additional expenses that may be incurred include but are not limited to: tuition insurance, service trips, supplemental athletic equipment and gear


Tuition Refund Plan Insurance

Tuition Refund Plan insurance is available for all tuition payment plans. Learn more here.


Payment Plan Options 2024-25

  1.  Payment Plan. Full tuition amount is due on or before June 1, 2024. 1% tuition discount is given on this plan.

  2. Payment Plan. 60% of tuition and activity fee due on or before June 1, 2024 and remaining 40% of tuition due on or before November 1, 2024

  3. 10 Payment Plan. Tuition payments commence in May 2024 and end in February 2025. This plan has a one-time processing fee.*

(Families enrolling after the traditional enrollment deadlines are required to submit catch-up payments at the time of enrollment for the 10 Pay Plan)



Learn about how an independent school education can be well within reach!

Financial Assistance Links

  • Kingswood Oxford School uses the Clarity Application to determine a family’s level of financial need based on the information that families share in the application, which includes assets, income, expenses and debts.


Concerned that you may not be able to afford the full tuition? 

We partner with families every year to make a KO education accessible and affordable. Did you know that you may qualify for need-based financial assistance? The following estimated tuition ranges are based on family income and include the following assumptions: 

  • The family has one child in a tuition-charging institution.

  • Both parents work.

  • Family does not have significant assets or liabilities.


Kingswood Oxford in West Hartford awards families with demonstrated need with financial resources.




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Kingswood Oxford students receive need-based tuition support


KO offers three choices of payment plans for the school year to accommodate your family's needs


Average Award


Over $6 million in financial assistance money is awarded each academic year