Student Wellness - Kingswood Oxford

Student Wellness

A Proactive and Holistic Approach to Student Wellness

Our mission is to empower our students with the tools, both academic and emotional, to guide them through their years at KO, so they can make positive and healthy choices and thrive at school and beyond. We do this by honing in on what Kingswood Oxford has always done best – nourishing our students academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.  By equipping our students with a solid scaffold that promotes resilience and independence, they can better tolerate setbacks and remain on a positive and productive track.



Social & Emotional Learning/ Vincit Qui Se Vincit (VQV) Curriculum

Our work centers on developing five key social-emotional skills essential for our students: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and responsible decision-making.


To help build these competencies, students participate in the Life Skills program at the Middle School and the VQV program at the Upper School. Through these interactive classes, students learn how to manage academic and emotional stress better, develop conflict resolution and leadership skillsunderstand the foundations of healthy relationships, effectively manage the college exploration and application process, and acquire practical life skills. 


Academic and Emotional Support

We understand that students with diagnosed learning and/or emotional challenges require extrascaffolding to succeed in the classroom. The Student Wellness Team works with students, families, advisors, and teachers to ensure that all learners are fully supported with appropriate accommodations.


  • Academic and/or emotional coaching with learning specialists and/or counselors
  • School Accommodation Plans
  • Community and professional development for faculty
  • Mental health resources

Meet the team

Brenna Chiaputti

Middle School Counselor

Hamilton College, B.A.; Trinity College, M.A.; University of Connecticut, M.S.W.

860-233-9631 X3302


Jennifer Hayman-Gross

Student Services

College of Wooster, B.A., The George Washington University, M.A.

860-233-9631 X3312


Jackie Rubin

Director of Student Wellness & Learning Specialist

University of Vermont, B.A.; Harvard University, M.A.T.

860-233-9631 X3315


Beth Scully

Health Services

St. Joseph College, B.S., RN

860-233-9631 X2283


Felicia Velez

Upper School Mental Health Counselor

Eastern Connecticut State University, B.A.; University of Connecticut, M.S.W; Charter Oak State College, M.A.

860-233-9631 X2363