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Global Online Academy


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Go global with your Kingswood Oxford education through this compelling opportunity without needing a passport. Work with students from thousands of miles away as you study online courses like Bioethics, Game Theory, Medical Problem Solving, or Japanese, to name a few. Students gain new perspectives, greater responsibility, confidence, and analytical skills in our increasingly interrelated world. The only drawback is understanding when your assignment is due from a professor in another time zone!


Kingswood Oxford is a member of Global Online Academy, a consortium of independent schools worldwide. Through an expansive offering of online courses, students can learn from faculty at one of the 65 member institutions, including:


  • King’s Academy in Jordan

  • International School of Beijing in China

  • Jakarta International School in Indonesia

  • Eton College in the United Kingdom


Global Online Academy offers various courses and a fully supportive digital experience.

Team Tobati- Where Service Builds Character


Founded by Kingswood Oxford teacher Ronald Garcia in 1998, Team Tobati has become a popular service opportunity at Kingswood Oxford. Our institutional value of “care beyond self” is lived out in this annual trip to Tobati, Paraguay in March where students build resilience, empathy, and compassion while building roads, housing, and personal connections. Tobati stresses the importance and necessity of civic engagement and social responsibility. Over the years, hundreds of Kingswood Oxford students, approximately 70% of the Upper School students, have completed dozens of projects that serve the needs of the people in the region. Learn more about Team Tobati or contact Ron Garcia for details.

Other Off-Campus Travel Programs


International Model U.N.


At Kingswood Oxford, we encourage students to push beyond their comfort zones and pursue educational opportunities in unfamiliar environments. In addition to attending local Model U.N. Conferences, our students attend conferences in foreign countries with school staff members. Students traveled to Russia to attend the St. Petersburg International Model, U.N., a three-day-long simulation where students problem-solve vexing international issues. One of our Form 3 students captured the Best Delegate in her committee. Before the start of the conference, students toured Moscow. In previous years, students have attended conferences in Portugal, Madrid, Budapest, and Prague, combined with a week of traveling with private local guides. Contact Stacey Savin for details.