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Bus Transportation Information

What A Difference a Day School Makes

As a private day school, Kingswood Oxford creates and fosters an inclusive community that includes the most important people in each student’s life – teachers, advisors, coaches, friends, and family. This balanced approach of support gives each student the widest possible range of resources to ensure academic success and emotional health. Teachers and advisors know their students well and are always ready to meet specific needs. Students benefit from 360 degrees of daily perspective and just the right amount of guidance.


Come visit us on campus and see for yourself what makes KO the inclusive family that it is.


Kingswood Oxford students hail from many towns outside of West Hartford. Below are some transportation options for various surrounding towns. These services are not included in the tuition price except for West Hartford residents meeting the requirements below. For those towns that do not have transportation services, we encourage parents to carpool with those families in your area.

West Hartford Transportation

Free transportation is provided to families who reside in West Hartford and meet the eligibility requirement of living more than 1.5 miles for middle school and two miles for high school students. All families moving into or within West Hartford and requesting transportation to KO must verify their residence through the town’s registrar’s office (Room 154), 50 South Main Street, West Hartford (860-561-6620) by presenting a Bill of Sale, Mortgage Agreement, Closing Letter from authorized personnel, tax statement, or homeowners insurance policy. If you lease, you must present a current lease agreement.

Surrounding Towns Transportation

Route 1*

Serving Glastonbury, South Glastonbury, and surrounding towns


Stops include Highland Park, Bucks Corner, and Audobon on Main Street and are subject to change based on the majority of students.


Route 2*

Serving Vernon, Ellington, South Windsor, Manchester, Coventry, and surrounding towns


Stops include Highland Park on Boston Turnpike in Coventry, Hall Memorial Library in Ellington, and Nevers Park in South Windsor


Route 3

Serving Burlington Canton, Avon, Simsbury, and surrounding towns


Stops include  Har-Bur Middle School in Burlington; Canton Park & Ride on Route 44 and Cherry Brook Rd; Chili’s Restaurant 530 Bushy Hill Rd., Simsbury


*Please note that some drop-off stops in the afternoon on Routes 1 and 2 may be different than the morning stops.

Schedule, not including West Hartford

(Approximate times and are subject to change – ideally, a student is riding the bus for no more than 50 minutes)


Mornings (M, T, W, & F) – Picks up between 6:50 to 7:15 a.m.


Mornings (Thursday) – Picks up between 7:50 to 8:15 a.m.


Afternoons (M, T, Th, & F) – Afternoon bus departs KO at 4:00. The late afternoon bus departs KO at 5:45 p.m. Drop-off times are determined by location.


Afternoons (Wed.-Half Day) – Afternoon bus departs KO at 2:10. The late afternoon bus departs KO at 5:45 p.m. Drop-off times are determined by location.


The school is subsidizing a portion of the cost of the buses in surrounding towns.


With the school subsidy, the cost is:


  • An individual student to ride the bus is a flat fee of $1,750 for a full-year, round-trip commitment
  • $1,000 for one semester
  • If the first rider has brothers or sisters, the second, third, and fourth siblings will receive a 10% discount each. In other words, the fee for the first sibling is $1,750, the fee for the second sibling is $1,575, and the third sibling will also be $1,575.
  • The fee for AM or PM-only options will be $500 per semester.

Code of Conduct

The student must adhere to the school’s code of conduct and core values while riding the bus, much like at school.


For more information, contact Lindsay Perkins at [email protected]