Academics and Authentic Learning


Inspired Teachers, Engaging Lessons

Classes That Support Deep Learning




Whether discovering the power of water in a semester-long, hands-on, interdisciplinary project or exploring the UN’s sustainable goals in our Global Cities course, KO students are valued as individual learners with unique personal stories. Teachers and students forge essential bonds based on mutual respect and trust – binds that elevate students as they try harder, jump boldly into new territory, and develop confidence that signals future success.


As a dedicated community of learners, teachers at Kingswood Oxford are collaborators in each student’s experience. They understand their students well and always know how much to challenge and support them. Teachers listen more than they talk – differentiating instruction according to each student’s strength and helping them advance to their own next level.


Not only are KO teachers invested in their subject matter, but they are also invested in their students. KO teachers genuinely want to know what students have to say and think about a subject. Students are encouraged to ask questions and make mistakes. Our supportive and collaborative classroom culture creates a transformative learning environment where students learn to take risks and engage more deeply with the material. 



“Student-centered learning means exactly what it sounds like. The students are the center. They are making the connections. They are making the leaps. They are making the discoveries in its ideal form. It’s really that they are driving more than you’re driving. I think of it as I’m laying the foundation, and the student is building the house on top.”

— Kathleen DiSanto ’03, Upper School physics teacher

Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

Enter a classroom brimming with life, intentionally designed for students’ emerging abstract reasoning skills.

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Upper School (Grades 9 - 12)

Energy, enthusiasm, and engagement define the KO academic experience.

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Global Learning

Experience the interconnected world through the Global Online Academy, Team Tobati, and other opportunities. Interacting with a wide variety of people enhances cultural understanding.

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Signature Programs & Leadership

Learn alongside visiting artists, speakers, writers, and performers who are true experts in their fields. Our Leadership Center develops real-world skills.

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There’s No Limit to Where You Go from Here


What a difference a KO graduate makes in shaping the world and the community around them! 


Learn about our graduates and imagine the impact that you can make!



KO and a Cup of Joe – Thursday Mornings throughout the Summer

Join us for a brief information session to learn about the academic and co-curricular offerings at Kingswood Oxford School during the summer: June 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1, and 8 at 8:30 a.m. in Roberts Building’s lower lobby. For more information, contact our Admissions Office at (860) 727-5000. What a Difference a Day Makes!