Learn about Kingswood Oxford School


A Transformative Day School

What a Difference A Day Makes


What is it about KO that makes it so special?


Every KO day is designed just for day students 100% day students, 100% of the time.


Kids thrive differently here because we make time to ask questions, be with friends, be home in the evening, and pursue all of the interests that make us who we are. Kingswood Oxford fosters a partnership with students and families that helps kids find meaning in all parts of their lives.


We are a welcoming community that reflects the value we place on relationships – making student families an essential part of the KO family.


What Makes a Great Teacher 


As a dedicated community of learners, teachers at Kingswood Oxford are collaborators in each student’s academic experience. They understand their students well and always know how much to challenge and support them. They listen more than they talk – differentiating instruction according to each student’s strengths and always helping them advance to their next level.


What Makes a Student Thrive 


Powerful relationships help align individual objectives with meaningful benchmarks. A team of advisors, teachers, coaches, and parents keeps an eye on all student progress – whether pursuing a long-term academic goal or managing a social interaction in the hallway. Every day, students demonstrate the value of growing confidence, compassion, independence, and self-advocacy while developing essential skills like collaboration and communication.


What a Difference Community Makes


A strong community is built when people share common values and work together to achieve personal and collective goals. The Kingswood Oxford community affirms that every member is important, belongs, contributes to the common good, and “cares beyond self. We lift one another up, elevate each others’ voices, and celebrate differences.

KO is different. There’s a feeling that surrounds the entire campus. It’s hard to describe, but it makes me feel like everything is so right. I’m where I should be, learning things that matter in a place that supports us all. KO is a safe haven.

— Olivia, junior

Relationships are central to KO because the best learning happens when there is a connection. The connections the students make with adults is not only in the classroom but in the advising meetings where the adults get to know the students holistically – as an athlete, a performer, a student.

— Carolyn McKee, Director of Academic Planning