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Financial Assistance

Access and Affordability

At KO, our aim is for our families to achieve their child’s educational goals. We work hard to expand financial assistance opportunities. Browse here to about our financial assistance application process and deadlines, helpful information and tips, and browse our FAQs.¬†


KO also has Scholarships available that are both need-based and merit-based.

Stay on Track

Financial Assistance Timeline


October 2: Financial Assistance Processing Season Opens
You may begin to work on your financial assistance application. It is critical to meet all deadlines throughout this process. The Clarity application fee is $60 and covers all Clarity schools you are applying to and any number of children in your household. 


November 1: Financial Assistance Application Filing Deadline (Current KO Families)
Families seeking priority consideration for financial assistance must complete the online financial assistance application by this deadline. 


February 1: Financial Assistance Application Filing Deadline (Prospective families)
Families seeking priority consideration for financial assistance must complete the online financial assistance application by this deadline. 


March 8: Final Financial Assistance Award Notification
Final financial assistance decisions are mailed along with admission decisions to applicants whose files were complete by February 1.


April 10: Enrollment & Financial Assistance Award Acceptance Deadline
Families are required to notify KO of their intent to accept the financial award in conjunction with their decision to enroll.


Spring 2024: Rolling Admissions
We are currently in our rolling admissions cycle. Financial assistance may be limited during this time. Please submit your materials via Clarity during this time. 



Payment Plans

The School uses Blackbaud Tuition Management to make paying tuition convenient. Three primary payment options exist for the 2024-25 academic year:

  • 1 payment* – due by June 2024

  • 2 payments* – due by June 2024 and November 2024

  • 10 payments* – due each month beginning May 2024 through February 2025¬†

*Families can select from a few pay date options within the month(s)


Loan Programs

The following loan providers offer options beyond the available payment plans above. When it comes to paying for secondary school education, Your Tuition Solution has a program that may meet your needs. Please contact them for more information:

    Your Tuition Solution
    2 Park Central Drive, Suite 110
    Southborough, MA  01772-1777
    800-920-9777 or 508-281-8505


Rolling Applications

Families who begin the financial assistance process after February 1 are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Available funds are limited during the rolling application season. However, it is not unusual for some financial aid funds to become available after the initial awards are offered.

Helpful Tips for Applying for Financial Assistance

*Please note at this time International Families are not eligible for need-based financial assistance.


Contact the Financial Assistance Office


Controller/Director of Financial Assistance

(860) 727-5022
[email protected]



Payroll & Benefits Coordinator/Financial Assistance Coordinator

(860) 727-5021

[email protected]

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FAQs: We are here to answer your questions

To whom do we direct our questions about financial assistance?

Any member of the Admission Office staff would be happy to answer general questions about financial assistance. For answers to more detailed questions, please contact Alan Comrie Director of Financial Assistance or Amy Bosco Financial Assistance Coordinator.


How much money can a family earn and still apply for financial assistance?

It depends. Your family’s unique financial circumstances, including factors such as income, assets, debt and the number of children enrolled in tuition-charging institutions, play an important role in determining if you qualify for financial assistance. If you have more specific questions about your eligibility, please feel free to contact:
Alan Comrie Director of Financial Assistance or Amy Bosco Financial Assistance Coordinator.


If we apply on time and are accepted and receive financial assistance, do I automatically receive a financial assistance award?

No. Each year, despite KO’s generous financial assistance budget, the demand for financial assistance exceeds available funds. The Admission and Financial Assistance committees determine which applicants receive aid based on the availability of funds and our enrollment needs. Each year the committees place a small number of students on a financial assistance waiting list.


If we receive a financial assistance award the first year, do we automatically receive financial assistance the following year?

Yes, assuming you still demonstrate financial need. All families receiving financial assistance must file a new financial assistance application with Clarity by November 1 of each year. KO attempts to keep a family’s award at a similar level each year as long as no major changes have occurred in a family’s financial situation during the previous year. Families may expect a percentage increase in their tuition each year.


If my child enrolls at KO without receiving financial assistance, can we apply for aid in a subsequent year?

You are welcome to apply. However, there is no guarantee that an award will be made in subsequent years. In most situations, KO makes every effort to respond to a family’s financial need, but it is unlikely that we will be able to meet your full need for several years due to budgeting constraints.


If parents are divorced, who must submit financial information for financial assistance?

KO requires that both the custodial and the noncustodial parent (or both co-custodial parents) complete and submit a financial assistance application for review. Each parent will need to complete a financial assistance application and upload all required tax documents.


Please remember to return to your dashboard after you complete and submit your Clarity Application, as Kingswood Oxford School requires you to upload additional tax documentation, should they apply, including but not limited to:


  • Partnership Return: 1065 and K-1
  • S-Corporation Return: 1120-S and K-1
  • Additional Documentation Identified during initial Review Process¬†


What if only one family member earns an income?

To ensure equity in the analysis of each family’s financial circumstances, an income for the nonworking parent may be imputed unless a medical condition exists that prohibits a parent from working or the parent must remain at home to care for¬†children or an ill or disabled parent.


What is the difference between tuition and the cost of attendance?

The cost of attendance includes tuition plus the following:

  • Activity fee¬†

  • Books¬†

  • Athletic fees¬†

  • Transportation costs¬†

  • Class field trips/school trips/various programs


Are international families eligible for financial assistance?

International families are not eligible for need-based financial assistance at this time.


Are there additional fees for international students?

Visit our international student page for more details