“Our mission is to guide students and help them discover and fulfill their greatest potential, consistent with their goals and objectives.” 

— Jami Silver, Director of College Counseling
At Kingswood Oxford, we believe that the college counseling process is another step in a student’s journey of self-discovery. The College Counseling Office works collaboratively with our advising system to support students as they grapple with the essential questions of “Who am I?” and “What do I love to learn and do?” 
Our formal programming surrounding a student’s post-secondary planning begins in the winter of 10th grade and continues throughout their time at KO. We partner with our families throughout this process, as we all work together to support the student in making the best decisions possible to reach their future goals. 
As the college landscape is ever-changing, our College Counselors are experts in the field, presenting at regional and national conferences, participating in professional development, both nationally and internationally, throughout the academic year and the summer months, and sitting on college admission advisory boards at colleges and universities throughout the country. Our counselors are able to individualize their support, working with and counseling students and families as they interpret the sheer volume of information available and demystify the many nuances; the College Office helps our families and students identify and focus on what is pertinent to their specific needs and goals for their future endeavors.
Highlights of the college counseling process for juniors and seniors include:
  • Small-group college counseling classes, taught by our college counselors, covering a range of topics related to the college search and application process
  • Regular meetings with a college counselor, both individually and with families
  • Support in building a college list based on their understanding of who they are, their academic and extracurricular interests, and the type of community with which they want to engage.  
  • Starting to work on their application materials, including the college essay
  • Taking the practice ACT and SAT tests in 10th and 11th grade and helping students develop their standardized testing plan
  • Participating in the Summer Common Application and Essay Workshop and College Application Preseason for seniors
  • Meeting with more 120 college admission reps that visit KO every year
  • Hearing from College Admissions and Financial Aid professionals multiple times throughout their four-year experience 
  • Access to KO’s college counselors during the summer in addition to the school year. 

List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Build Long-Term Success

    College counseling at Kingswood Oxford reflects the school’s holistic approach to student success: student participation in the college search and application process reinforces the habits and skills needed for long-term success. In short, our counselors focus as much on preparing students to succeed in college as they do on getting into college.
  • A Personalized, Student-Centered Experience

    Because our college counselors with a small number of students, they know them as individuals — their character, interests, and aspirations. Counselors work closely with advisees to select a range of colleges and universities that match their needs and goals.
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