Margaret E. and Henry R. Roberts Center for Leadership


One hour self-contained workshops are held monthly, giving students access to focused information and experience in various real-world skills including:
  • Networking
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Current events - how to filter noise from news
  • Interviewing skills
  • Managing stress
  • Professionalism
The Margaret E. and Henry R. Roberts Center for Leadership compliments our dynamic academic program by offering multiple opportunities to engage in the powerful learning that happens outside the classroom.
As an integral element of our engaged liberal arts program, The Margaret E. and Henry R. Roberts Center for Leadership allows Kingswood Oxford students to fully embark on the understanding of self, others and community as we all grow as leaders. Our students are ready, knowledgeable and prepared to make an impact on our world, locally and globally with empathy and respect.

A Systematic Approach to Leadership Development

  • Class Connections are trips or events provide common experiences for each grade to build upon, focusing on the role of that class at the school, and building up identity and determining a way to positively impact the community during the year.
  • Using workshops and capitalizing on current clubs, students learn about Community Engagement by building community relationships and developing programs to support various initiatives.
  • Internships allow students the opportunity to develop diverse skills and a better understanding of the career fields open to them.
  • Global Experiences give students the opportunity to better understand the world through travel and hands-on learning.
  • Required programs for school leadership positions will further teach prefects, senior advisors, student government, club leaders and sport captains about themselves as leaders and how best to serve their community, class or team in the context of their role and everyday modelling of leadership.
  • Lunch and Lead events provide informal opportunities for students to learn about the journeys of alumni leaders from a variety of fields.
  • Through the VQV (Vincit Qui Se Vincit) program each student in grades 6 - 12 learns about themselves and develops the capacity to reflect on their own ideas, choices and actions as well as ultimately identify their own leadership styles.
  • Workshops address topics relevant to engaging with the real world and are offered monthly.
Push beyond what you think you can achieve. That’s our motto. Vincit Qui Se Vincit.
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