Proactive and Holistic Approach to Student Wellness

Kingswood Oxford’s Student Wellness Team grew out of a desire to provide our students with the full scope of resources and personnel to support academic preparation and mental and physical health. We, as a wellness team, start from the premise that emotional and physical well-being are integral to academic achievement. 

Our mission is to empower our students with the tools, both academic and emotional, to guide them through their years at KO, so they can make positive and healthy choices and thrive at school and beyond. We do this by honing in on what Kingswood Oxford has always done best – nourishing our students academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. By equipping our students with a solid scaffold that promotes resilience and independence, they can better tolerate setbacks and remain on a positive and productive track.

Social-Emotional Learning /Vincit Qui Se Vincit (VQV)

Our work centers on developing five key social-emotional skills essential for our students: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and responsible decision-making.

To help build these competencies, our school will sustain and expand two resources already in place: the Life Skills program at the Middle School and the VQV program at the Upper School. These classes engage students in discussions and activities about various issues, including stress management, conflict resolution, leadership, drugs and alcohol, healthy relationships, mental health, and sexual health, depending on their grade and age, and provide coping strategies.

Academic and Emotional Support

We understand that students with diagnosed learning and/or emotional challenges require extra support to succeed in the classroom. The Student Wellness team works with the student, the family, and the student’s advisor to ensure the child gets the attention they need.
  • Academic and/or emotional coaching with learning specialists and/or counselors
  • School Accommodation Plans
  • Community and professional development for faculty
  • Mental health resources

Meet the Wellness Team

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  • Jackie Rubin

    Director of Wellness
    Learning Specialist for grades 10-12

    Jackie spent ten years teaching high school English in public and private schools before heading to KO as director of academic skills, then moving onto spearheading the wellness team. As a former Upper School English teacher, in addition to cultivating a love of literature in her students, Jackie focuses on the writing process through which she helps students express themselves with clarity and confidence. In her main role as our resident learning specialist, Jackie ensures that we are meeting the diverse needs of our learners, by working with students, teachers, and parents and coordinating information about accommodations. 

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  • Jennifer Hayman-Gross

    Middle School and 9th Grade Learning Specialist

    For Jennifer Hayman-Gross, it’s all about the students, ensuring the inclusivity of neurodiverse learners. In her former school as a learning specialist, she counseled parents, teachers, and class deans on issues that impacted learning and developed strategies with faculty to meet the needs of individual students with learning differences. She also met with students to tap into their potential, identifying their strengths and working through their challenges. 

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  • Brenna Chiaputti

    Middle School Counselor

    Brenna Chiaputti is a Middle School counselor who supports our middle school students, parents, and faculty through trusting relationships and psychoeducation to promote a healthy school climate. Ms. Chiaputti has an extensive background in counseling and social/emotional training. She served as a school social worker at The Gilbert School in Winstead, CT for five years where she developed social-emotional programming, provided counseling, and facilitated affinity groups. As a clinician at the Family Resource and Development Center in West Hartford, she provided individual, group, and family counseling, utilizing a range of treatment modalities. She received her B.A. from Hamilton College, an M.A. in English from Trinity College, and an M.S.W from the University of Connecticut. By partnering with our teachers, Ms. Chiaputti will continue to foster a climate of inclusiveness at the Middle School.

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  • Felicia Velez

    Upper School Counselor

    Felicia Velez is an active listener with deep empathy and compassion. She is a strong communicator and relationship-builder with exceptional skills in planning, resolving conflicts, and solving diverse problems. While a medical social worker at Hartford Hospital she acted as an educator/advocate for patients, families, communities, and other professionals regarding disease prevention, impact on illness and disease progression, and advocacy for benefits.

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  • Beth Scully

    School Nurse

    Beth Scully serves as the school nurse, on behalf of the town of West Hartford health district. Caring, committed, and an expert in her field, Scully is a critical part of the school's day-to-day operations. She also serves as a member of the KO pandemic response team. 
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