Go the extra mile...it is never crowded

At Kingswood Oxford, our faculty go above and beyond every single day for their students and for one another. To them, education goes so much further than the classroom. It is the constant search for deeper learning, a quest to help students discover their passion and develop a true sense of self. It is working in an environment of genuine engagement, energy, collaboration, and respect with peers. KO is an empowering space where teachers and staff can bring their unique experiences and vision so they, too, can actualize their potential.

But don't take our word for it...hear what inspiring minds have to say.
Head of the Middle School Ann Sciglimpaglia explains why deep learning, and having a school culture that promotes this, is essential to prepare students for higher education and beyond.
Head of the Upper School Dan Gleason discusses discovery, choice, and experimentation in the classroom and beyond.
Middle School English teacher Anastasia Quinn discusses student equity and what "success" looks like in the classroom.
Director of Theater Kyle Reynolds believes that KO's public speaking program enables students to grow as learners and as people.
Upper School English teacher Michelle Caswell talks about the Warren Baird Symposium program and how this supports the student-centered experience and her own passion for the English language.
Located in West Hartford, CT just steps from Blue Back Square, Kingswood Oxford is a private school inspiring co-ed day students in grades 6-12 with a college preparatory curriculum. Empowered students become clear confident communicators, resourceful problem-solvers, and ethical leaders. KO: where unlimited potential meets endless opportunities.
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