International Admissions and Enrollment

Kingswood Oxford’s Upper School regularly welcomes academically qualified students from other countries. International applicants must be proficient in English (reading, writing and speaking), as Kingswood Oxford does not offer English Language Learner (ELL) support. As a non-residential campus, international students must also secure housing through one of our partner agencies or an immediate family member residing in Connecticut. An immediate family member would be a mother, father, aunt or uncle. 

Tuition & Fees: 2020-2021

Upper School tuition:
  $42, 750

International Student Fee: $3,000

Student Activity Fee: $750

Books: $400-$800

Additional expenses that may be incurred include but are not limited to: tuition insurance, service trips, supplemental athletic equipment and gear, or homestay placement fees

Important Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Application and Admission Process

    The application and admission process is the same for all of our students but our international applicants have a few more items that must be completed. These details are required for the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) Process and for our internal requirements.

    International applicants can complete either the KO or the SAO application form - either route is perfectly fine. International students from some nations frequently apply through consultants and agencies, so KO is able to accommodate both applications. Your consultant will be able to advise you on the documentation and processes for the application process, but you can always approach the Admissions Team with any questions at Sometimes the requirements for KO and the SEVP process can be complex and we are here to help.

    Based on SEVP requirements, international applicants are required to provide English language proficiency and submit financial documentation as a part of their application.
  • Interview & Tour

    International applicants and their parents are also required to participate in an interview as part of the admissions process. The purpose of this conversation is for the KO Admissions team to experience your students capacity in the English language and to get a feeling for your students personality to see if there is a match for our community. It is also a chance for your student to shine and really tell our team who they are and why they are interested in being a part of the KO community!

    2020 During the 2020 Academic Year because of COVID-19 restrictions, all interviews will be virtual for all of our students.  If you take a look at the Admissions Web Page there you will find the application checklist for domestic and international applicants.

    AFTER COVID restrictions lift, international applicants are welcome to visit campus for a tour and interview - we encourage this! However, we also know there are many restrictions that prevent this during the application process. Not to worry! The majority of our international interviews are virtual. Interviews are usually via Zoom and all details will be provided when your appointment is arranged. Occasionally there are Kingswood Oxford representatives traveling the globe so reach out to our office and see if this is a possibility for your student after COVID-19 limitations are lifted. To arrange an interview during the application process, please contact to assist with the timing and details.

    Our virtual interview process has proved invaluable during the COVID-19 situation. KO has been able to “meet” with many students to complete the application process. KO has also been able to collaborate with students and consultants to obtain a complete academic picture of our applicants when standardized tests have not been available. This is an exception to our standard requirements and will revert to normal checklist of items once standardized testing methods are put in place again.
  • English Language Proficiency 

    The International Student Admissions checklist will include the TOEFL test and other options.  We understand that in COVID times it can be a challenge to take this test based on availability.  We will work with each candidate to make sure that we obtain the materials needed to develop the best and most whole image of your student.
  • Proof of Support

    Official proof of financial support will have to be provided by international applicants. International students do not have to apply for financial aid as we do not have financial support for international students at this time. The additional documentation demonstrates that a family can support their student throughout the four years of their high school experience in the US and is a government requirement. Families will need to bring this same material to the US Consulate or US Embassy during their Initial Entry Visa Interview. ALL documents demonstrating financial proof of support must be dated within six months of application and be from bank accounts, sponsor accounts or scholarship proof.  
  • The VISA Process

    Kingswood Oxford is proud to host students from China, the Republic of South Korea, Spain, Germany and Poland in recent school years. We are looking to diversify these countries as part of our international mindfulness and global perspective. KO believes that any diversification only enriches the academic and social experience for all of our students.

    There are many visa types for travel, work and study in the USA! However, students who go through the admissions process and who will formally be considered international students are those who will require a F-1 visa. If you have another type of visa or are from Canada or Bermuda, please inform the admissions team during the application process. Sometimes the visa status of a parent can change during your student’s course of study and it is important that our team is aware of your status should you need support or care during your time at KO.

    The visa process actually begins as our international students and families dive into the application process. The documents that you collect and are required for the application checklist may also be required for your US Embassy or Consular visit so please hold on to all original items.

    Kingswood Oxford School is approved by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement team in the Department of Homeland Security to issue the Form I-20 through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). You must apply to be admitted and enrolled with a deposit in Kingswood Oxford School before we may issue your student the Form I-20.

    Should your student be officially accepted to Kingswood Oxford, once you decide to enroll and your first deposit payment is received then the official Form I-20 “certificate of eligibility” will be issued. The Form I-20 and other documentation will be forwarded to your students home address. During the COVID-19 situation, KO is temporarily able to issue Form I20s with an electronic signature. With this Form I-20, students will pay the I-901 fee and make appointments at the local US Embassy or Consulate for the F-1 visa interview. Visa interview times vary per Consulate or Embassy in your home country.

    Once you receive all of your acceptance materials you can check on the US Department of State website for the closest US Embassy or Consulate. You can reach out to them to determine any specific procedures for your home country. Please refer to the US Department of State website for locations and wait times for student visa appointments at for all of this information and more.

    For your Initial Entry Visa Interview, your family should prepare the following documents plus any materials required for your home country process:
    • An official acceptance letter from Kingswood Oxford School
    • Certificate of EligibilityForm I-20 for nonimmigrant student status
    • SEVIS I-901 receipt that you have paid for the process
    • Student passport which MUST be valid for at least six months after entry into the US
    • Official transcripts and diplomas from previous schools
    • Program of study description
    • Accommodation/homestay information and address if possible
    • Evidence of funds to cover tuition, fees, living expenses, and cost of attendance for one academic year. This evidence should match what was provided to KO during the application process and be dated within the last six months.
    Please let the admissions team know when you have received your F-1 visa and provide a scanned copy of this document.
  • Working with an Agent

    Kingswood Oxford School requires that our international families work with an educational agent at this time. An international education agent provides services to our students and families that Kingswood Oxford does not provide, most importantly the homestay family match, health insurance and guardianship documents. Kingswood Oxford does not partner exclusively with any one agent. However, all of the agents we have worked with have received certification from CSIET (Council on Standards for International Education Travel). Please read more about these standards on the CSIET website as well as a listing of all the agents certified for F-1 Inbound Programs. Kingswood Oxford would be pleased to work with your agent of choice who maintains these standards of ethics and professionalism.

    Kingswood Oxford does not endorse one agent nor work exclusively with any agent. This offers our families the opportunity to select the agent that most represents their interests and will find the best match for their student.

    Obtaining references and doing market research is the best way to ensure the agent choice is right for you. Kingswood Oxford does however encourage families to adhere to the terms of their contract once an agency is selected and signed with in your home country. There are many caveats to the contracts that agents offer and we are sure that our families will make the best choice for their representation for the more than four year relationship during your student’s time at Kingswood Oxford.
  • Financial Administration for our International Families

    Once your student has been officially accepted to Kingswood Oxford School, you will receive detailed instructions on how to register with Smart Tuition. Parents and guardians will receive login information, tuition payment information and financial and payment options. Please log on and set up an account when you receive instructions from KO after your acceptance.  All families must create a SmartTuition account. This will require a trip to your bank with all of the wiring details for KO. Please plan accordingly.
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