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The KO Esports 16-member team began in 2020 by gaming aficionado (and Upper School French teacher) Coach Ryan Brodeur with the endorsement of Director of Athletics Josh Balabuch and Director of Technology Dan Bateson. Since the KO Esports team’s inception, Brodeur has wanted to elevate its campus profile and change the narrative regarding the sport. “The more I learned about it, the more I thought, ‘This is awesome.’ I realized there was a way to organize gaming in such a way that it was truly team-oriented and that I could grow a program around it. I wanted to bring in some of the best gaming elements (team-based, communication, roles, execution, self-awareness) and meld them with some of our school’s core values and align with our sports requirement of physical activity. As someone who went to KO, I know the value of being on a team very keenly. You’re putting yourself out there even if you are not very good.”


The Wyvern Esport programs inaugural year began in the Fall of 2020. Since then, the coaching staff have taken the team to multiple postseason playoff appearances in just a short amount of time. The team competes in the PlayVS Eastern League and hosted the first in-person KET tournament with four local schools in the Fall of 2022. The program has 18 different consoles where student-athletes can compete across multiple titles such as League of Legends, Splatoon, Rocket League, Mario Kart, and Smash Brothers. The program takes parts from professional team’s training to enhance and highlight the mental and physical components of gaming.


All Kingswood Oxford athletes have access to our 33-acre campus, with multiple playing fields, an artificial turf field, a multi-purpose fieldhouse, a yoga studio, and two fitness centers. Certified athletic trainers are on hand every day to ensure the health, well-being, and development of every student-athlete. Every team also reflects the school’s core values, demonstrating honesty, integrity, and respect, learning with passion, and caring beyond self.


Check out the team website complete with video archive at:

  • # Name Hometown
  • 0 Riley Mapp East Hartford
  • 2 [Captain] Drake Fernald Avon
  • 3 Patrick Ozga Newington
  • 5 Kayla Buttaro Rocky Hill
  • 6 Raphael Blocher Southington
  • 7 Esther Arimoro Newington
  • 11 Hannah Bateson Avon
  • 14 Tianyu Zheng Shanghai
  • 15 Lia Prahl Hartford
  • 16 [Captain] Alexa Prahl Hartford
  • 17 Ziyun Que Shenzhen
  • 21 Rui Chen Shanghai
  • 29 Duncan Burd Chesire
  • 99 Donovan Thomas Hartford
Kathleen DiSanto '03

Upper School Science

Washington University in St. Louis, B.S.; Harvard University, M.S.

860-233-9631 X2375


Ryan Brodeur '01

Modern Language Teacher, French

Trinity College, B.A., Boston College, M. Ed.

860-233-9631 X2364


Additional Coaches:
Kathleen DiSanto Ryan Brodeur
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