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2023-2024 Squash – Girls JV

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Junior Varsity sports play a vital role at Kingswood Oxford, steering players toward successful varsity careers. These teams allow valuable learning moments to sharpen and hone skills and build a strong foundation for the sport. In addition to technique development, players learn fortitude and resilience, build leadership skills, and gain confidence in themselves as athletes and young adults. These important lessons translate into the classroom and can be applied to every aspect of life.

  • # Name Hometown
  • Sihan Fei Beijing
  • Jianing Li Shengyang
  • Yiqin Peng Beijing
  • Aliza Rashid Cheshire
  • Racheal Segal Bristol
  • Xinyuan Zhang Shenyang City
Cameron Biondi

Upper School English Teacher

Yale University, B.A.

860-233-9631 X2481


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