Senior Prefects

Kingswood Oxford student leaders are filled with intellectual curiosity, humanity, passion, and purpose. They understand that leadership is less about themselves and more about motivating, guiding, inspiring and bringing up those around them. Our prefects are multi-dimensional - musicians, writers, athletes - but what they share is a commitment to making connections and building an equitable and inclusive community.

In their role as Senior Prefects, these students help our freshman adjust to life on campus and serve as a sounding board when a student may experience frustration or challenges. Due to the invaluable role their prefects played in their own personal development at KO, these new prefects want to pay it forward and enrich the lives of the students around them.

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  • Senior Prefect Evan Bygrave

    Evan Bygrave lives in Windsor, Connecticut  and will be a Seven Year Senior in the fall, having attended KO since his 6th grade year. He loves meeting new people and being a friend and leader on campus. He enjoys sports, having played football all through high school in the fall, weight lifts in the winter, and played both lacrosse and golf in the spring. In the classroom,  one of Evan's favorite subjects is history, having taken AP US History his junior year and plans to take AP Political Science this year. He also enjoys  Latin, and has earned the honor of Magna Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam. Evan is also a head of Men of Color, a club that discusses race both inside and outside the classroom, and is a part of the school's Investment Club. He is a four-year member of Shield and Dragon, KO's tour guide group for prospective families, as well as his grade representative of the school's Citizenship Committee since sophomore year. In past summers, Evan has worked as a Camp Counselor for Northwest Park's Camp Firefox, and plans to volunteer for Loaves and Fishes, a group of soup kitchens in the central Connecticut area. In his free time, Evan loves to  spend time with family and friends, or simply enjoying his own company with a good book. He is excited to meet his advisees next year (hopefully on time!) and can't wait to help them in their first year of high school.

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  • Senior Prefect Matt Bzowyckyj

    Matthew Bzowyckyj lives in Tolland and has been attending Kingswood Oxford since his freshman year. He is very involved in both his school community and his Ukrainian community. Matthew loves to run, and will be the captain of the boys’ cross country team in the fall as well as track and field team in the spring. He is also involved in a variety of clubs at school, most notably the KO Aviation Club, Investment Club, and Shield & Dragon. Matthew loves to play the alto saxophone in Concert Band, and is a member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Outside of school, Matthew has been an active participant of the Zolotyj Promin Ukrainian Dance Ensemble for ten years. Matt will begin his third year as an instructor and choreographer for the two youngest levels of his ensemble this fall. Over the summer, Matthew attends an overnight Ukrainian Dance Camp in Upstate New York, working as a camp counselor. Besides dance, he has attended St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic School in Hartford for 12 years, and finally graduated with high honors as well as a great understanding of the language. Matthew is also a leader of a Ukrainian youth group, helping to teach younger students their Ukrainian culture, history, and heritage. Academically, Matthew’s favorite subjects are math and science. He would like to pursue a career in aerospace engineering since he loves everything space. This summer, Matthew will be enjoying the beautiful weather on the beach, as well as hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and launching rockets. He is so excited to meet the Class of 2024 and he can’t wait to start helping them with their first year at KO!

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  • Senior Prefect Margo Dowgiewicz

    Margo Dowgiewicz lives in South Glastonbury and has attended KO since seventh grade. Margo loves being active and playing sports. She has been a teammate on both the Varsity Field Hockey Team and the JV lacrosse team. Margo has been a camp counselor for the field hockey and girls’ lacrosse program at Camp KO. Outside of athletics, Margo is a member of the Power of Women Committee, and a large advocate for community service. Whether it be picking up trash around her neighborhood or a planned trip to Paraguay with Team Tobati (KO’s service program), Margo is ready and excited to help. Outside of school, Margo enjoys running, day trips to the beach and backyard barbeques with family and friends. Margo has a strong interest in sciences and plans to study biology in college. She has had a wonderful five years at KO so far and is looking forward to sharing her experience with the incoming freshman class.  Margo is thrilled to be a prefect and eager to start the school year with her new advisees.

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  • Senior Prefect Sloan Duvall

    Sloan Duvall lives in West Hartford and has attended KO since her freshman year. Sloan’s favorite place is anywhere on KO’s sunny campus, and she is proud to be  involved in almost all aspects of Wyvern life. This coming year Sloan will serve her third year on Student Government as Senior Class President. She has been an active member of the KO Newspaper since her freshman year, currently working  as the Head Editor of Features and the Communications Director. Sloan is also a co-chair of the KO Power of Women annual forum, an event that brings exceptional KO alumni back to campus to share their stories of female empowerment and success. Similarly, she leads the Orange is the New Grey feminist club on campus. In addition, she is a four year member of the Shield and Dragon tour guide club, currently serving on the Executive Committee. Sloan’s favorite academic time is probably spent in French or Spanish class, although she also enjoys history. This year Sloan loved AP US History and can’t wait to take AP Political Science as a senior. Outside of the classroom, Sloan is a three-season athlete, co-captaining the  JV Soccer team, competing in national tournaments on Varsity Squash, and having lots of fun playing JV Tennis. This summer Sloan is taking an online class in human rights and genocide and is an online Camp KO counselor teaching French. Sloan is so excited to serve as Head Prefect next year and to welcome her new advisees and the entire Class of 2024 to the place she loves SO much!

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  • Senior Prefect Bella Herz

    Bella Herz lives in Avon, CT and has been attending KO since 7th grade. Bella loves helping others and is looking forward to being a resource to help new students acclimate to KO. Academically, Bella is passionate in classes focused on the humanities and arts. She is centered around all forms of writing and a love for photography and psychology.  On campus, Bella is involved in Wyverns helping Wyverns (in the middle school), in multiple community service oriented clubs, or any art room available. Outside of school, Bella takes part in volunteering with children with special needs at the JCC, plays guitar and piano, and is a summer lifeguard. This summer, with the current unfortunate circumstances, Bella is preparing for college applications, spending lots of time outdoors; going on hikes or runs everyday, kayaking, paddleboarding, day trips to the beach, and spending time with her new puppy, a French bulldog named Winnie! Bella is so excited to meet the new freshman and help them make the most of their time at Kingswood!

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  • Senior Prefect Jane Liang

    Jane Liang lives in West Hartford and has been attending KO since her freshman year. On campus, you can find her touring prospective families as a member of shield of dragon or tutoring in the math center. Academically, she is extremely interested in math and science and hopes to major in biology and pursue research in the future. Outside of the classroom, Jane is a dedicated equestrian and rides almost everyday after school.  She’s also the secretary for the Forensic Union team and the head of photos for the school newspaper. This summer, she’s finishing her research paper on the structure of amyloid-beta protein, attending the online class on biomaterial, and volunteering at a horse rescue. She’s super excited to meet her new advisees and help guide them through their freshman year.

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  • Senior Prefect Christina Lu

    Christina Lu lives in Newington and has been a Wyvern since her freshman year. She was last spotted hanging out at her house. Previous evidence leads us to believe that she could possibly be found in the art room painting, collaging or tie dying/cropping every tee shirt she has. You could also probably spot her on the track or the field throwing discus or shot and supporting/managing her teammates. Most likely though, she’s in the dining hall giving hot takes and telling stories. If you still haven’t found her, please check Tomasso as she is the president of the Forensic Union team and is always there Tuesday nights. Still haven’t found her?? She’s probably tutoring math in the Learning Center or drawing animal abominations on the board with her friends. She’s most likely going to be wearing a jean jacket with a ton of pins (she collects them). If you still haven’t found her, well guess she was just a figment of our imagination, after all, it’s hard to believe someone so cool actually exists. She responds to the names: Christina, Xtina, or Stina; please stop her to have a conversation about anything (we really need to gather more info on her). Anyway! Good luck!

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  • Senior Prefect Henry Mandell

    Henry Mandell lives in West Hartford, CT and first came to Kingswood Oxford in sixth grade. On campus, Henry is an active participant in his classes as well as a variety of clubs. Henry is a STEM focused student with a love for math and computer science. He is an active member of the KO 1080s, the computer building and computer science club. Henry’s favorite academic memories lie in the math classroom, specifically his calculus class. Henry is also an established singer, taking part in Concert Choir, the selective choir Outlook and the boy’s a capella group Crimson 7. Outside of the regular school day, Henry is serving his second term as Treasurer and leads a group of tour guides as an Shield and Dragon executive. Athletically, Henry lifts weights in the fall, is a member of the varsity squash team in the winter, and manages the varsity baseball team in the spring. This summer, Henry is spending time outside enjoying the beautiful weather and lifting weights, taking online classes in music theory, and travelling with his friends.

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  • Senior Prefect Drini Puka

    Drini Puka lives in West Hartford, CT and started attending KO his freshman year. Drini makes his presence known on campus through his loud voice he uses to speak up for friends and by participating in extracurriculars and clubs. If there's any place to find Drini on campus during the day, it’s either in the VQV room doing homework with friends, or playing games and unwinding in the RTS room. As an active member of many clubs at KO, such as the GSA, 1080’s, and ASL, Drini makes his presence known and familiarizes himself with almost every opportunity KO offers him. For fun, he sings in the school’s Concert Choir as well as Outlook and has recently joined the all boys acapella group Crimson 7. After school, Drini participates in strength training in the fall, performs for the musical in the winter, and plays for the Varsity Tennis team in the spring. Additionally, Drini participated in KO’s annual trip to Tobati during his sophomore year and had plans on going junior year as well until plans fell through due to complications with COVID. Finally, when sports finish and freetime finds its way to Drini’s schedule, he fills his gaps of freetime by making memories with friends, drawing, and singing some more. Drini is excited to meet his new advisees and hopes to give them the support and guidance they need for a successful freshman year!

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  • Senior Prefect Snehaa Ram

    Snehaa Ram lives in South Windsor, CT and has been attending KO since her freshman year. Snehaa involves herself greatly in the community both academically and extracurricularly. You can find her on the field hockey field, co-captaining the JV team, on the tennis court playing doubles with her teammates, or in the choir room; she loves all things athletics and music. On campus she runs Tri-M Music Honors Society, sings in both Outlook and Oxfordians, helps out on the Green Team, and is a host of the Wyvern Rundown Podcast. Snehaa is also part of Shield & Dragon, happy to lend a hand to those interested in joining the KO community. Snehaa additionally enjoys community service; she recommends everyone go to Tobati at least once to provide their service and have an amazing experience in a different part of the world. She raises money for South Park Inn, a homeless shelter in Hartford, and has helped cook food for groups of 75 people and more to donate to other shelters in need. Needless to say, she loves working with others and helping them out. Snehaa is passionate about English, music, and business, things she hopes to incorporate into her college life. To pass the time, she watches new TV shows, visits friends, paints, works on music, and travels when she can. She’s looking forward to meeting her new advisees and can’t wait to give them a memorable freshman year!

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  • Senior Prefect Jacob Schwartz

    Jacob Schwartz lives in West Hartford and has attended KO since his freshman year. He takes pride in being a leader, helping others, and working hard. Jacob is academically focused but also loves competitive sports at KO. In his junior year, Jacob was captain of the varsity tennis team and a member of the varsity basketball team. He is also a four-year member of Shield and Dragon; this year, he will be a member of the Shield and Dragon executive committee, where he will help lead members of KO’s tour guide group. Jacob played the tenor saxophone his freshman and sophomore years at KO. Additionally, Jacob is a member of the aviation club and the investment club. Jacob has always been a STEM focused student who loves computer science and math, but he also enjoys Spanish. In past summers, Jacob worked at Camp KO as a volunteer tennis instructor and participated in numerous basketball and tennis clinics. This summer, Jacob will participate in a two week-long online engineering program provided by Brown University, where he will learn the basics of engineering. Jacob plans on interning in the local headquarters of a national company where he will work in business intelligence and strengthen his data analytics skills. He will also hangout with friends, relax at the pool, and play tennis and basketball as much as possible. Jacob is looking forward to meeting his new advisees and helping them have the best freshman year possible.

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  • Senior Prefect Sam Smith

    Sam Smith lives in Avon and started at KO in his freshman year. Sam is a passionate athlete as a captain on the varsity football and a member of the varsity baseball team. Sam’s favorite class is history, especially Modern World Studies with Mr. Jones and US History with Mrs. Watson. Sam is also looking forward to taking New York Literature  with Mr. Martino his senior year.  Sam is an outgoing person and loves to connect with his peers. Outside of school, Sam enjoys laughing with friends and family, boating on the lake, and watching movies. Sam is excited to play summer baseball. Sam is excited to meet his new advisees and lead them through an amazing first year of high school. 


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