Student 411 - Kingswood Oxford

Student 411

KO Words and Phrases

what’s a wyvern?

As soon as you enroll at Kingswood Oxford, you are transformed into a mythic Wyvern, a legendary winged beast from medieval times, not to be mistaken for a dragon. There is a distinction. Dragons breathe fire, whereas, Wyverns have attitude. Once you’re a Wyvern, you’re always a Wyvern.

what’s koko?


KOKO is a who, not a what. It’s the school mascot that you’ll see tearing around campus at home games. In 2013, KOKO placed third in a nationwide “Best Mascot” contest sponsored by USA Today and even had a cameo appearance on The Today Show. Unsurprisingly, all the acclaim has not gotten to KOKO’s head.


70% of the Upper School students in their career at Kingswood Oxford head down to Paraguay during March break for Team Tobati, an immersive, hands-on community service trip that literally changes lives. You’ll be working in fields, building schools and roads, and playing soccer with the local school kids. But, before you go, brush up on your dance moves. The competitions at night are fierce.


senior green

A patch of lawn with benches where Seniors commune between classes, play Frisbee, listen to music and talk about what they’re doing for the weekend. Basically, it’s an outdoor lounge that’s a privilege and something to look forward to. And as one Senior said, “It’s well worth the wait.” Traditionally, graduation takes place on the Green.




what’s a form?

This confuses everyone. A holdover from the school’s ties to England, forms are the grades. Form 1 is Seventh Grade, Form 2 is Eighth Grade, Form 3 are Freshmen, Form 4 are Sophomores, Form 5 are Juniors and Form 6 are Seniors



Even more confounding, Upper Prep is not in the Upper School. Upper Prep is the start of Middle School, Sixth Grade.

wing day


Get to the cafeteria early on Wing Day, over 400 pounds of the tastiest bird in Connecticut.

best place to study


We all have our own nooks. You have the freedom to find your cranny within the school. There’s the back hallway in Roberts, the art rooms with a good feel, the stage in Roberts. Pick and choose but keep it confidential. You don’t want everyone to claim your spot.



It’s not a sandwich. It can be the best thing to happen to your week. On Friday mornings, sometimes there are speakers and sometimes there’s a free block. You can connect with people that you don’t have classes or free periods with or use this time to talk to your teachers.



Since 1963, the Paul “Frosty” Francis Kingswood Oxford Invitational Basketball Tournament has been a mainstay of New England prep school athletics. For 54 years, on the first weekend of winter break, boys’ and girls’ basketball teams from CT, MA, NJ, and NY have gathered for great basketball, great fun, and reunions with alums and friends from other schools. Plan on wearing lots of KO gear – capes, face paint, and wigs included.

prefect & senior advisors


These are student leadership opportunities for Seniors to take on the roles of mentors. They know the ins and outs of the school. The Senior Advisors help the Upper Prep students; Prefects help Form 3 students. We’re all about connections, and this is a great way to build relationships with younger students. 

form deans


Form Deans oversee student life in their respective Form (that’s the grades, remember?) They take ownership for the grade: What events are happening? How are things going, socially and academically? What needs attention?



They’re your biggest fans. Although everyone is rooting for you, your advisor is truly on your side and cheering you on. They take you on your good days and your not-so-good days. As the adult in the room, there’s nothing you can’t tell them. They have your back.





a sense of direction









It’s okay to get lost. It happens to everyone. You’re lucky to have hundreds of kids who know the way around to ask. Don’t stress. You’ll figure it out soon.

the center

We’re really lucky not to be located in the middle of a cornfield. KO has easy access to a terrific hub to grab breakfast or lunch with friends. Second-semester Juniors and Seniors have this privilege. Many retailers in Blue Back Square right across the street offer discounts and special offers to KO students if you show your student i.d.: Nora Cupcake, Goldberg’s Bagels, Green Tea House and Ooh La La Boutique and others. It’s the perk of being a Wyvern.



Latin might be a dead language, but we live these words every day. It’s our motto. “One Conquers By Conquering Oneself.” It’s about knowing who you are and how to be the best version of that self. We’re all a work in progress. One other thing for you non-Classic speakers: the “v” is pronounced as a “w.”