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Lacrosse – Boys Varsity vs St. Luke’s School – Home

Varsity Boys Lacrosse

The Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse team lost to St. Luke’s on April 29 with a score of 7-11.

We came out the gates a little slow, which forced us to get behind 0-3 pretty quickly. One staple of this team they have showed all season, is never giving up until the end. We clawed our way back into the game and showed one of our best offense and defensive performances of the season. We played great team offense and showed we could execute on our possessions with multiple goal scorers: Berkemeyer ‘22, Cavo ‘22, Cavo ‘19, Edwards ‘21, Woerlen ‘22, Smith ‘22, and Crowther ‘22

Our defense stuck to the game plan and effectively slowed down their 2 best offensive players forcing turnovers and good takeaways. A. Marchand ‘20 stepped up playing long pole midfield and was able to help lead the team in offensive and defensive transition opportunities. A. Smith ‘22 and Caneday ‘21 shard the cage equally. Caneday ‘22 had a personal game high of 7 saves for KO in the 2nd half.

KO: 7 – St. Luke’s School: 11
Location: Playing Fields – Hoffman Turf Field

Event Details

  • Date: Monday April 29, 2019
  • Time: 4:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Loss- KO: 7 - St. Luke's School: 11