Soccer - Boys MS vs Renbrook School - Away - Kingswood Oxford

Soccer – Boys MS vs Renbrook School – Away

MS Boys Soccer

On Saturday morning, we went to Renbrook for a rematch of the tightly contested 1-0 victory on Hewett Day the previous weekend.

Just like last week, this game proved to be much the same, as it could have gone either way.  After a scoreless first half that saw both defenses hold firm, Renbrook got on the board early in the second half off a direct kick from 20 yards. KO goalie Finn Boyd (Form 2) did well to prevent the kick from going in the top right corner, but was unable to stop the rebound from being tucked in the net by an oncoming Renbrook player. 

KO trailed until 4 minutes to go, as we pressed forward and sweeper Cole Banning moved up front. He struck a long ball from about 30 yards that got over the keeper’s head and towards the goal line. It is debatable whether the ball was already over the line when KO’s Scotty Cloud (Form 1) touched it. Either way, the result was a game tying goal! For the record, considering that Cole is a 3 year player and a defender with no previous goals in his KO career, the official scorekeeper has ruled that it was indeed Banning’s first career goal. More importantly, this was an exciting, hard earned tie for the team. The reality is that some ties feel like losses while others feel like wins. This one definitely fits into the latter category.

KO: 1 – Renbrook School: 1
Location: Renbrook School
Directions: Turn left onto Albany Ave

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday October 26, 2019
  • Time: 10:30 am - 10:30 am

Tie- KO: 1 - Renbrook School: 1