Squash - Girls Varsity vs Pomfret School - Away - Kingswood Oxford

Squash – Girls Varsity vs Pomfret School – Away

The KO Girls’ Varsity Squash team had a strong outing away at Pomfret and pulled off a 5-2 win with several spectacular individual performances. Captain Annabelle Jacobs ‘23 showed off her level-headed decision making with well placed shots into the back of the court (3-0). She was joined in her success by fellow senior Sophie Glazier ‘23, who used precise serving and a tricky variety of shots that forced her opponent to cover a huge area on the court (3-0). Ilianna Brett ‘24 had a hard fought battle in the no. 4 match, during which she resettled herself and thwarted her opponent’s comeback with consistently powerful drives (3-2). Hannah Malkin ‘24 also had a back-and-forth, competitive match in the no. 6 spot, during which she took her time to send forehands soaring out of her opponent’s reach and kept her backhand drives close to the side wall (2-3).

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday February 1, 2023
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Venue: Pomfret School

Opponent: Pomfret School
KO Win 5 - 2