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Varsity Volleyball vs Pomfret School – Home

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The Varsity Volleyball team had a great showing for Hewett Day 2022! 

We were able to celebrate school spirit in front of a home crowd and with a solid 3-0 win over Pomfret.

The KO offense was firing from all angles in the first set. Co-captain Keira Sullivan ‘23 was hitting rolling attacks from the outside that easily found their rightful place on the floor in the opponent’s court. Ava Cashman ‘24 was creating impossible angles from the outside as well, and had a one-armed save (which is now added to her list of many). Allie Arcaro ‘24 nearly stole the first set away from the opponent with a 7 point service streak, and she found time between serves to produce effective bump sets when called upon. Co-captain Jill Plaut ‘23, Lola Peck ‘26, and Sullivan went on a tipping spree that made the whole length of the net a danger zone for the opponent. With everybody pouring their effort into the offense, the Wyverns took the set 25-8.

The second set began with some trademark serving consistency from Quin Kearney ‘23, who allowed KO to burst out of the gate with a lead. Plaut and Sullivan found their rhythm with varied sets to the outside and absolutely annihilated hits to the other side of the court, and Jillian Alexander ‘24 handled the middle like a pro, alternating tips to the side and deep hits. Eve Repp ‘23 used controlled and intentional passing on defense to allow the offense to keep churning ahead. It was a relatively smooth set with KO holding the lead and winning 25-15.

In the third set, Lila Klinzmann ‘27 served several deep serves in a row to rack up the points for the team early on. Cici Freeman ‘24 was also launching the ball from the service line with a difficult combination of high and shallow serves. Repp brought the offense to new areas of the opponent’s court with her trademark down-the-line smashes from the right side, and Jhanvi Daddala ‘23 was all over the middle, steadfastly covering the open areas and ready to make split-second net decisions. The show stopping moment of the third set was a fantastic set by Alex Segal ‘24 to Sullivan on the outside, who easily put the ball away with an unstoppable hit. The Wyvern’s took the set 25-7.

With everyone involved, it was a wonderful way to celebrate school spirit! The Wyverns look forward to our match against Worcester on 10/19!

KO: 3 – Pomfret School: 0

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday October 15, 2022
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Win- KO: 3 - Pomfret School: 0