Volleyball - Girls Varsity vs Miss Porter's School - Away - Kingswood Oxford

Volleyball – Girls Varsity vs Miss Porter’s School – Away

V Volleyball

The KO Varsity Volleyball team had an impressive outing against Miss Porter’s school with a three-set sweep (25-15, 25-4, 25-6) despite a strong passing game from the opponent.

In the first set, the Wyverns took a little while to settle into the match, but once they did, all parts of the offense were firing. Ava Cashman ‘24 used effective topspin hitting from the outside to the open areas in the middle of the court, and co-captain Keira Sullivan ‘23, also on the outside, prioritized controlled hitting to help the team find their footing. Jill Plaut ‘23 produced some spectacular downward attacks on the right side, as well. In the middle, Lindsay Bailey ‘22 picked up her aggressive tipping and deep topspin hitting late in the game to give KO an unreachable lead. In the second set, co-captain Mackenzie Caruso ‘22 took consistent serving to a whole new level when she successfully served 20 times in a row! It was a masterclass in defending the serve and gave KO a leg up on every point. Miss Porter’s was still providing strong serve receive throughout the set, so the KO offense had to follow up Caruso’s serves with more pressure on the opponent. Kata Mesterhazy ‘23 rose to the challenge with effective tipping in the middle and great down balls to the sides of the court. In the third set, the Wyverns kept up the momentum. Naomi Wong ‘22 started off the set with 7 serves in a row, which gave the team a commanding lead. Allie Arcaro ‘24 and Avi Lohr ‘24 provided a solid foundation of defensive passes to make sure that our offense could keep charging ahead. On the right side, Jillian Alexander ‘24 brought deep hitting into the mix to force the opponent to cover all parts of the court. It was another strong display of consistency and teamwork that brought the Wyverns a solid win.

The team looks forward to taking on Loomis Chaffee in our special Dig Pink night game (home) on 11/3.

KO: 3 – Miss Porter’s School: 0
Location: Miss Porter’s School
Directions: Continue on I-84 to Farmington

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday October 30, 2021
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Win- KO: 3 - Miss Porter's School: 0