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Volleyball – Girls Varsity vs Suffield Academy – Home

Win 3-1

The KO Varsity Volleyball team produced a spectacular 3-1 win at home against Suffield. From the very beginning of the first set, KO’s offense was ready to go, starting with Alex Segal ‘25 smashing her serves across the net for an early service run and an auspicious early lead. At the net, Chloe Delaire ‘27 had several ungettable kills that only fueled the flames of the Wyvern offense. Cici Freeman ‘24 was ready to handle some difficult serves and down-balls with poised defense. Another service run of steady strikes from co-captain Allie Arcaro ‘24 put KO within winning distance, and the set was sealed 25-16. In the second set, Suffield stepped up their serving and were ready to block anything at the net, so KO had to get creative with attacks. Co-captain Ava Cashman ‘24 was ready for that challenge, alternating deep hits from the outside with occasional tips and pushes to throw off the blockers. Co-captain Jillian Alexander ‘24, when she wasn’t rocketing the ball towards the floor from the right side, was competing with setter Lila Klinzmann ‘27 for the most spectacular court coverage of the day, with Alexander letting no ball drop to the floor and Klinzmann turning occasional off passes into beautiful attacking opportunities. Unfortunately, Suffield pulled ahead in the second half of the set and took the set 25-21. In the third set, the Wyverns had fully settled into the game and were sprinting out of the gate once the first whistle was blown. The back row, with Arcaro leading the charge, formed an iron defense that allowed for Cashman, Delaire, and Alexander to open up the full force offense. KO took a solid lead through the middle of the set, after which Olivia Doran ‘26 had some powerful and accurate serving that put the team within winning distance. KO took the third set 25-10. The fourth and final set was a battle full of long and dramatic points, but KO was too locked in to give up the ground already won. Lola Peck ‘26 was the opponent’s worst nightmare at the net, cleverly launching the ball wherever was least expected. Segal, already a pillar of consistency on the service line, had several spectacular saving passes and well-placed attacks from the outside. In the back row, Francesca Lamattina ‘25 ensured that some pretty gnarly serves were dealt with smoothly. After some epic points where KO came out on top, including back-to-back gargantuan blocks by Delaire and Peck, the Wyverns settled the score 25-23. What a win! And even better that we won in front of a home crowd! We look forward to our next game, at home against Greenwich Country Day, on 10/4.

KO: 3 – Suffield Academy: 1
Location: Hewett Gymnasium – Hewett – Hewett Gym

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday September 30, 2023
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Win- KO: 3 - Suffield Academy: 1