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March 01, 2023

Students Participate in “In the Name of Art” Show

This February, Kingswood Oxford artists participated in a 12-school collaborative entitled ‘In the Name of Art’ showcased at Avon Old Farms School. The theme focused on the creativity of the artists featured in the gallery, and the exhibit features dozens of artworks created by middle and high school students in the local area. 

Kingswood Oxford had an excellent showing of talent from both middle and upper school students. Middle School participants were: Boden Tarantino ‘27 for his 16×20 acrylic painting “Powder,” Molly Palmer ‘27 for her acrylic painting entitled “Hawaiian Sunset,” Alexis Nisryrios ‘27 for his ceramic work of “Edna,” and Sarah Balog ‘27 for her ceramic creation, “Coraline.” Upper School participants were: Raine Wang ‘24 for her charcoal drawing, “Midnight Feathers,” Kami Tarantino ‘24 for her acrylic paintings on canvas, “In Profile,” Leo Zhang ‘24 for his acrylic painting on canvas, “Key Lime Pie,” and Lucia Martinez-Castro ‘23 for her acrylic paintings on canvas, “Scylla.”



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