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May 14, 2024

Arts Night Delights Audience

For a relatively small school, KO has a bumper crop of talent, as evidenced by the Upper School’s Patricia Rosoff Arts Night. The evening was officially dedicated to the legendary and former arts chair and teacher, Pat Rosoff, who left a lasting impression on legions of students. Former student and Upper School history teacher David Baker reflected on his experience in her AP Art History, where he learned to appreciate the transformative power of art and, more importantly, good teaching.


The evening began with attendees strolling through the art gallery, savoring the display of student paintings, sculpture, and photography.


The Concert Band kicked off the evening with three numbers, the last a fun rendition of Sousa’s march “Liberty Bell,” which Monty Python aficionados will recall as the show’s opening.


The Theater and Choir followed with two upbeat songs from Hairspray: “Good Morning, Baltimore” and “Without Love.” Our Wyverns had the good fortune to prepare these numbers with Broadway star Marissa Perry, who starred in the aforementioned musical in the leading role of Tracy Turnblad! Perry took the lead in “Good Morning, Baltimore” as the students sang the chorus.


Outlook performed the classic Field and Kerns song “The Way You Look Tonight,” made famous by Fred Astaire in the 1936 movie Swing Time.


The evening is never complete without our two a cappella groups, Crimson 7 and Oxfordians, who sang two songs a piece, including the standards in their repertoire: “Feeling Good” and “Rollin in the Deep.”


The Jazz Ensemble proved their sophisticated musicianship with “Take 5,” “One Note Samba,” and “All of Me.”

The Theater students performed two lovely, romantic duets: “The Next Ten Minutes,” featuring Leo Kollen and Audrey Karasik, and “Time Stops,” featuring Molly Palmer and Gordon Beck.


Our Dance students had the opportunity to work with another Broadway star, Mary Cordeerette Daly, who was in 42nd Street. She shared with the audience her experience on the show’s opening night and the excitement in the production. Five students (Jane Morris, Molly Palmer, Teague Shamleffer, Zaire Ramiz, and Lily Temkin) tap danced the upbeat opening of 42nd Street – a complete treat.


The Concert and Combined Choir showed their range with Bach’s “Come Sweet Death,” a Palestinian/Israeli work song, and a joyous gospel-infused “Let Everything That Hath Breath.”


For the balance of the evening, the audience moved to Alumni Hall to enjoy Outlook, the Orchestra, and Voce. Outlook took on “Plenty Good Room” and “The Seal Lullaby,” Orchestra: Debussy’s Golliwog’s Cakewalk, Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1, and “Plink, Plank, Plunk” by Anderson.



Voce closed the evening with three songs: “Hold M Rock Me,” “Landslide,” and “What Happens When a Woman Takes Power.”

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